Sor Obscena – Antologia & Pecado Mortal(’88-’96 PERU dark wave)


Una vida paso….buscando cambios…

Sor obscena were a lima based dark wave band that came around the late end of the ’80s. People in their scene characterised them as copying the Bauhaus sound, but to me they have a personal thing going on for them, quite unique. New waveish but not new wave,  melodical but rooted in punk, these were dark times for peru and this music reflects that totally. Every organ has its place , original melodies for the chord instruments, they have synths but are not synth driven, and the singer sounds rally in pain. Music for the heart. The band undertook some lineup changes in the 90s, the sound changed slightly (listen to ciudades mertas next to dulce agonia) and it got even greater. The original lineup was

Luis Sanguinetti (voz principal y bajo)
Luis Jara (guitarra)
Ofelia Arellano (teclados)
Mino Mele (batería)

The band never had a full LP of it’s own, just the pecado Ep, and hence this anthology of recordings was released in the late 90s. I understand they’ve been remastering the EP along with some new tracks since 2011. Hopefully it will some time get out. Till then, enjoy, romantic deathrock.


Antologia (1998)


01 Dulce Agonia
02 Rincon de la Eternidad
03 Delay
04 Palabras Sobrias
05 Viajero
06 Tratar de Escapar
07 Ciudades Muertas
08 No Se
09 Sicalipsis


Pecado Mortal (1989)


01 Rincón De La Eternidad
02 Dulce Agonía
03 Iglesia
04 Muerto En Vida
05 Un Viajero
06 Ciudades Muertas

pecado mortal stolen from heaxagono carmesi. great article-very sentimental- about the band in spanish found there.


The Bone Machine – Sottoterra (2010 psychobilly IT)


Ok, let’s call it as it is. You’re not here because of the psychobilly.   What’s the last time you ever listened to a psyko record from start to finish? – That’s what I thought. It’s also been ages since we’ve featured psychobilly music in here (sori).

You’re here because of this band’s cool name. You’re right. It is the coolest. B.o.n.e. machine. A weird machine made of bones and contraptions and levers and whatnot. It is great. But i want to know what the music sounds like, one may wonder.  Well, this is one of the relatively newer bands-not from the 80s or some shit, from italy that really brings home the hope. Their lyrics are all in italian. And why shouldn’t they be? They don’t try to mimic any of the “made” bands, nor DAG, nor meteors, nor krewmen, batmobile, you name it, they don’t sound like it. They got their own “biker” sound, heavy and polyphonic that is very solid throughout the record. It’s a bit like post-cabaret, deeply rooted in blues, as if the legendary shack shakers had a punk for a frontsman and a twist for the macabre.  They sound like the band from “Dusk Till Dawn” should have sounded. Heck- the instrumental track “vendetta” could’ve made it to the ost of that movie. I also picked out “Jimmy Scavafosse”, the s/t and “sono pazzo” makes a great tribute to hasil adkins and the stardust cowboy for a closing track. They feature great aesthetics in the album covers, they perform masked, they’re everything they could be. I understand they got a newer record out, but i preferred to review this one.

01. Sottoterra

02. La Strada Dei Morti

03. Il Ritmo Selvaggio Del Peccato

04. Voglio Solo Te

05. Febbre D#8217;Amore

06. Quando Creperò

07. Il Diavolo L#8217;ha Preso

08. Mambo Del Tormento

09. Jimmy Scavafosse

10. Ninna Nanna Dell#8217;infame

11. Son Tornato Dall#8217;inferno

12. Vendetta

13. Non Chiedermi Perchè

14. Sarò Andato Gia Via

15. Sono Pazzo


Postpunk & dark wave πεμπτες @ Λοκομοτιβα



χωρίς τίτλο, με μια νεκροκεφαλή στο εξώφυλλο και δυο κόκκαλα “χιαστί” κάτω απ’ αυτή και με την ακόλουθη λεζάντα:
Με το Μηδέν και το Άπειρο
να συμφιλιωθούμε


The guys behind the bats&roaches zine and their friends will be behind the decks of locomotiva bar, every thursday after 22.00. Expect a full deathrock absurd mix, from bob marley to ministry as a friend used to say….


El Mal – Jornada Espiritual V.I.P (2013 minimal ARG)


Well folks, true, it’s been 4 months since our last post. It is getting more and more difficult to find music worth writing even a few lines for. Perhaps then this entry has been worth the wait. It’s been in my playlists for over a year now. Ok, it is minimal. electro .But it is good minimal, not the boring stuff that always sounds stuck in the 80s. At their best they sound like the most digital side of “the vanishing”. At their worst, they sound cold and impersonal, but this is a good thing in this music i hear. Ella es intangible is a great track about loving girls that you can’t have, and it’s originally by aviador dro side proj-los iniciados (1982).Trivia i know.

The soy mutante spanish net label seems very promising. I like their “fuck hifi obsessed geeks- d/l everything fo’free” attitude and their net releases of their friends’ bands (polar vampyre versus fighting eagles, nacho and el robot:).

“Soy mutante’s a net label oriented to the indie, post punk, new wave and related genres. it bets on the diffusion of domestic recordings of medium fidelity.

The band’s press release was:

“Behind any great attempt there is a colossal insignificance that blinks over the sinks of the dengue /// 8 tracks to remember that everything can be worse, even when it seems that it cannot decline more.
¡Que empiece la danza en los jardines de tu propio infierno privado!
Recorded between May and October of 2012 at Mansión Mutante (Rosario) y el Galpón de Chaca (Bs As) by Ignacio Espumado (Matilda, Nacho y el Robot).

  • Vortex
  • V. María
  • Escupiré sobre tu Tumba
  • Pastita / En la Intimidad
  • Sistema de Cañones
  • Ella es Intangible
  • Desde los Inviernos
  • Duelo Rasante



Monozid – A Splinter For The Pure (2012 postpunk GER)




These awsome people have been so kind as to send us their work for publishing yet again…Having played live in Athens this past year, and having listened to this, it is safe to say they  easily belong in the top European postpunk bands. They are active, they sound fresh and not bored, they love what they’re doing. This is great music to wake up to, both energetic and dark, balanced equally…

So,  having improved their playing skills, and after 10 years as a band, they’re tighter than ever. Interesting guitar riffs that don’t fall into the indy late 90s brit sound (such a common mistake-reference these days). I like the now slight german accent in the british vocals, it sounds original without ending up strange in the ear, they have perfected their English. It makes their songs their own. And  It (it being the postpunk genre) manages to sound original even in 2014, 30 years from its first sprouting in the 80s with PIL, thousand of bands having aspired to be post punk, few ones ARE so comfortably, easily, without their noses up in the air, both post (my preferred definition for post as a tag, post=a reflection on, and then whatever follows), AND punk.

Good work. guys.

yeah, i guess today just failed. (listen to the song with s/t as the LP)

Mp3 256kbps

01 (glowing) big stars

02 a room for the damned

03 details (moving)

04 in shades

05 hello bomb

06 a splinter for the pure

07  the drowning

08 rita, you know we are doomed

09 dead end

10  the desperate



Buy music-contact

Dystopian Society/ Tanzkommando Untergang (2011 dark punk IT/GER)


Ok, it’s true, we haven’t been too busy since we last brought the dystopian scoiety guys over, nearly a year and some such days ago.  We’ve also owed you guys a relative upload, so this is the” cages” LP, along with their friends’ tanzkommando untergang demo, dating back to 2011. A double tape/upload like the old days!

Cages is a great modern concept/ 80’s sounding deathrock album. It twists and turns , while keeping you firmly in its gloomy, sinister punk grasp. The guitar work is over 9000, and there are both male & female vocals. Better people than me have reviewed this album, i just suggest you give it a listen, it rewards you. I listen to them when i stay at home, realizing that there is nothing out there worth to go out to, when my mood is shit and the world has thoroughly disappointed me with what it ended up to be. They keep me company. Also when i want to dance & smash stuff. (People with a budget, go see them play at unpleasant meeting, 9 may @ paris. This festival is too crazy!)



Tanzkommando Untergang are better experienced live. A true punk band, fem vox and really speedy (if they had drops and pauses they could be resembling to belgrado, but it’s much more amebix than action pact). The gloominess factor is here but not overwhelming, the demo is not mastered so it’s very raw. The band is very much in the squat/diy german scene, and i hope they keep playing and give us a great sounding finished  LP sometime. +++ gotta love the cowbell! A great b-side for a tape combo you could play before going out to a kalashnikov*or insert favorite diy band here*  live set…

It’s not the fires we start they should be worrying about, but the fires burning within us…

MP3 320Kbps

Dystopian Society – Cages (2011)

01 Echoes Of Disaster

02 Last Crusade

03 No Hope

04 Antisocial

05 The Legacy Of Wars

06 Death Signals

07 Dystopian Society

08 Heretic

09 The City With No Name

10 Masquerade

11 The Spiral

12 Time Has Come

Tanzkommando Untergang – Demo (2011)

01 1943 (Ghetto)

02 The Walk

03 Dr Guillotine

04 Pictures From The Past

05 Broken Mirror

06 Let Rome Burn

07 Pogo Disaster


Αδης – Αυτά που Δεν Θα Δεις (2001 GR gothic-rock)

front Adhs

Ρίχτα, σείδη.

“Οι “Άδης” είναι ενα συγκρότημα από την Καβάλα το οποίο έχει κυκλοφορήσει ανεξάρτητα ένα ελληνόφωνο post punk-dark wave δίσκο το 2001 με τίτλο “Αυτά Που Δεν Θα Δείς“. Επιπλέον εκείνο τον καιρό ετοιμάζονταν για αγγλόφωνη δουλειά. Φυσικά τα ίχνη τους έχουν χαθεί εδώ και χρόνια και δεν υπάρχουν πληροφορίες για αυτούς και την δράση τους.. Έχουν συμμετάσχει στην συλλογή Φάκελος Rock 1 & 40 χρόνια rock & Γυαλιά Ηλίου στο Σκοτάδι (diy) με το τραγούδι “η εικόνα του σπηλαίου”. “

 Written-By – Βασίλης Δρακάκης, Λάζαρος Φωτιάδης

 Adis is the next greek best thing next to the Sisters Of Mercy. They want to sound like them, dress like them, be like them. Song titles including the bat, when night falls, the cavern’s image and of course their name’s choice ADIS (hell-the underworld-where the dead went for ancient greeks) suggest the same. It is also very romantic guitar-vocal oriented music, they closely stick to the gothic rock nosferatu/early mission/sisters of mercy/ sound so the music hasn’t aged as much as one would think-it comes from the early 2000’s. This should have been played more in greek clubs everywhere, but no, fuck you, djs, you play what the people want to listen, right?  Play for pay, a familiar story…

Anyone aboard for greek goth, hop on, citizens.

MP3 128Kbps

01- Eswstrefhs Erwtas

02- Diaxwrismenos

03- Otan Nyxtwnei

04- Nyxterida

05- Stigmes Thanatou

06- H Eikona Tou Sphlaiou

07- Mpainontas Sta Nera

08- Skoteina Nera

09- Emmesa Mazi

10- Enw Koimountai

11- Adhs

Download (κλεμμενο εξολοκληρου απο ελ.ληνοφωνη α.νεξαρτητη ς.κηνη )

J. A. Peksujeff – Second Assortment (2013 FIN dark wave-folk)

cover second assortiment

How well to describe this? Lets start by saying this is not an official “release”, more like an assortment of songs and demos performed by one man dark wave-folk band joel aukusti. PREPARE YOUR TEAS!I can’t imagine but accompanying this music with some tea or chamomile, surely no alcohol. If you had to booze it, you d have to go with something that will surely kill you in the process, like vast quantities of red wine, absinthe or something along the lines of opium or labdanum.

Depressive, desperate, cold and dreary.
Repetitive and chant like, almost like “alternative” church music for goths. Bass oriented, there is some guitar, some synths but there’re almost no sounds in the high pitches. It sounds like listening to a recording of early xmal deutchland from afar, equalized just to the lower frequencies but with layers and layers of reverb and echo over it. I like how the voice sounds, originating back from the depths of a lovecraftian cave coming out to haunt you, each phrase an attack, or a cry.

There is pain in this music. There is loneliness. And also, a relentless force of control, just when you assume there is going to be a release in the track, a break, a scream or a solo, he pulls you back to the death in june-ish misery. The atmosphere is upheld tight, there is never a peeling of the curtains or an end, it’s like watching theater clasped in your seat.

I imagine this being background music to a game of abandoned vast frozen emptiness, roaming  alone in the wilderness, a dark morrowind or fallout (gamin references end here), end of civilization thing. That being said, Of name & servitude has a nice deathrocky guitar riff dominating it.

All things considered, seeing how this is diy oriented and not a commercial release, i’d want the vocals to be able to be heard for a change at times, especially if some of the lyrics are in english. Also,  some noises, guitars or screams, some sweet release would be good instead of this unhuman holding back! Looking anxiously for the third assortiment, let’s push things forward…

MP3 320Kbps

01 Tonight we dine

02 Beaten drum

03 This role

04 Our heads

05 Of name & servitude

06 To the games

support the artist here

Generacion Suicida – Con La Muerte a Tu Lado (2013 Us punk)

Generacion Suicida - Con La Muerte a Tu Lado - cover

Before you are quick to judge this is not one of THOSE spanish deathrock ups. These are cool dudes from Los Angeles that chose to sing in spanish. Genre?  It plays out as if we ‘re back in ’77 and they are playing only in the minor chords.  So, the name of the game is romantic punk, much like our favored italian neighbors kalashnikov (why havent we hosted some of their work here?????).  To my ears Ya no Hay KE hablar (no need to talk any more) stands out as the single… This is their first LP- they also have a demo and an EP out, so your work is there laid out in front of you.  Catchy, fast, melancholic, it is music to listen to before you go out, or music to fall in love with, or from a lousy speaker connected to a cellphone, while standing next to a wall with your leather jacket on, somewhere outdoors with quite a few of those cervezas inside you. It is what we’ ll be listening as we are destroying the last bits of civilization.

MP3 320kbps

01 Dices

02 Juventud

03 Ya No Hay Ke Hablar

04 Los Pobres, Ladrones, Y Muertos

05 Reflejos

06 El Centro

07 Todo Destruido

08 Aburrimiento

09 Frakasos

10 Metralleta

11 Mil Amores


Go give them a dollar or two in their bandcamp… and perhaps we’ll be lucky if some balls-y diy team brings them to play.

va – Driller Killer OST (1979 avant garde-horror)



It is one of these scarce uploads. It is controversial director’s Abel Ferrara first full length feature. It is an awkward situation. It is a great horror soundtrack full of weirdness, driller sounds and screams. It is a bit rare. It is the music & dialogues & a GUN CLUB soundalike blues band that drives the artist protagonist of one of the original video nasties mad. It is a bad movie with a good ost. It is drillerkiller-icious. It is what it is.

Tony cocacola (and the roosters) is Douglas Metrov, the artist of the weird paintings in the film. His band look early punk/new wave but sound like CRAMPS&GUN CLUB&b-52’s&VELVET UNDERGROUND mutant kid. They play the peter gunn theme repeatedly.

Mp3 192kbps

01 – Opening Title

02 – Tony Cocacola Rock Song 1

03 – The Driller Killer’s Dream

04 – Life Of An Apartment Building

05 – Life Of An Apartment Building 2

06 – Reno’s Hallucination – Drillin Bums

07 – Tony Cocacola Rock Song 2

08 – Driller Killer On The Rampage

09 – Drill Paranoia

10 – Tony Cocacola Rock Song 3

11 – Alley Crucifixion

12 – No Rent Money

13 – Tony Cocacola Rock Song 4

14 – Karen Leaves

15 – Death Of The Critic

16 – The Driller’s Revenge

17 – End Titles

thanks to imdb user pogocorpse for the link

Don’t forget about those movies. Cheap diy cinema is the father of the cgi rubbish that’s been played nowadays but with a vison. Memory is the only currency that matters.