Dystopian Society/ Tanzkommando Untergang (2011 dark punk IT/GER)


Ok, it’s true, we haven’t been too busy since we last brought the dystopian scoiety guys over, nearly a year and some such days ago.  We’ve also owed you guys a relative upload, so this is the” cages” LP, along with their friends’ tanzkommando untergang demo, dating back to 2011. A double tape/upload like the old days!

Cages is a great modern concept/ 80’s sounding deathrock album. It twists and turns , while keeping you firmly in its gloomy, sinister punk grasp. The guitar work is over 9000, and there are both male & female vocals. Better people than me have reviewed this album, i just suggest you give it a listen, it rewards you. I listen to them when i stay at home, realizing that there is nothing out there worth to go out to, when my mood is shit and the world has thoroughly disappointed me with what it ended up to be. They keep me company. Also when i want to dance & smash stuff. (People with a budget, go see them play at unpleasant meeting, 9 may @ paris. This festival is too crazy!)



Tanzkommando Untergang are better experienced live. A true punk band, fem vox and really speedy (if they had drops and pauses they could be resembling to belgrado, but it’s much more amebix than action pact). The gloominess factor is here but not overwhelming, the demo is not mastered so it’s very raw. The band is very much in the squat/diy german scene, and i hope they keep playing and give us a great sounding finished  LP sometime. +++ gotta love the cowbell! A great b-side for a tape combo you could play before going out to a kalashnikov*or insert favorite diy band here*  live set…

It’s not the fires we start they should be worrying about, but the fires burning within us…

MP3 320Kbps

Dystopian Society – Cages (2011)

01 Echoes Of Disaster

02 Last Crusade

03 No Hope

04 Antisocial

05 The Legacy Of Wars

06 Death Signals

07 Dystopian Society

08 Heretic

09 The City With No Name

10 Masquerade

11 The Spiral

12 Time Has Come

Tanzkommando Untergang – Demo (2011)

01 1943 (Ghetto)

02 The Walk

03 Dr Guillotine

04 Pictures From The Past

05 Broken Mirror

06 Let Rome Burn

07 Pogo Disaster






cemetery & blue cross (2011 dark punk/DR USA)

Now this is important. Pay attention because this is the newest “wave” of deathrock from the other side of the atlantic.. Just two representatives from a whole bunch of bands (alaric, cross stitched eyes, bestial mouths,belicose minds, arctic flowers, lost tribe,dystopian society…) this is a new sound- maybe a new revival, very diffeent from the cinema strange revival of the 00’s…these guys don’t bring on this elf- ish, falsetto vocal quality or the many riff switches in one track of  CS… The new (not nu hehehe ) d x r escena is closer to punk than ever – many of these bands are side projects of anarkopunk bands originally-  and they give a dark brooding desperate thing to it. I”d suggest listening to the cemetery demo first to understand this. So back to basics, guitar bass & drums, with the expert lo fi feel that characterises so many bands from the 10’s- technology gave us the tools to work from home and we ‘re doing it to the maximum.
So give it a listen, support these bands if you like them, and keep in touch, i think there will be more uploads from this new dr american scene.

Blue Cross
Mass Hysteria (2011)   128 kbps
01 – blue cross – bring out your dead
02 – blue cross – calling combatants
03 – blue cross – time to die
04 – blue cross – disconnect
05 – blue cross – end up alone
06 – blue cross – mass hysteria
07 – blue cross – headstone
08 – blue cross – punishment

Cemetery DEMO 2011 192 kbps

01 Reptile Walk
02 Cask
03 Voices In The Ceiling
04 State Ward
05 Grave Dance
06 Voices In The Walls


pol pot – whole mistery (2011 post punk)

This is another one of the nice batch of new bands from spain. I don’t know if you remember a massive blog post  going around full of suggestions from the new dark scene 2011 and 2012 and links to download called “va- the new thing”, but this was one of them. They play a bizarroguitaropost punk full of aggressiveness, sort of like monozid but not exactly. They also are of the nice people that care for the scene, and actually sent us their lp as a suggestion (yeah, kids, thats how you create a healthy scene, by being nice to each other and sharing, the uptight gothness never helped anyone. noone likes real life divas, just the onstage ones:).Also, thank you Pol Pot, for the great cover of eisbar originally by grauzone, they added guitars and a harsh vocal, and it really raised the track above the minimal stanndard this is now – it’s the last track on this lp.So…
01 – this area
02 – what you are
03 – mist of passion
04 – the one
05 – whole mistery
06 – we need lasers
07 – riding the storm
08 – time must die
09 – eisbar


phoenix catscratch – nectar & wrinkles (2011 GR post-punk)

Phoenix catscratch are friends. They released this record via dead scarlet records (great company with greek & foreign releases go check’em out) in the past year. We didn’t want to up their stuff, as long as they were active, but now that the band is split (why do good things always come to an end?) , we gave in. This is amazing NEW music, dark, indie, post-punk,minimal a great mix with all the genres well balanced (no nu grave bullshit tho). The two vocals that the sound of the band’s based on are reminiscent of virgin prunes, but they have a vibe of their own. This band made a blast on drop dead festival, so much that the audience wanted them to play a 2nd time.
Don’t expect us to scan the 24 page special booklet with lyrics and all, artwork by Kiril Bikov. Go buy the record , and when it’s sold out, IF we get enough requests, we ll scan it for you:)
In the words of the band….

…walk to the sun…

 Phoenix Catscratch
Apostolis Z. (vox)
Valisia Odell (vox)
V. Ntzounis (guitar)
Andreas DE  (bass)
Aristomenis Theodoropoulos  (keys & noises)

01. Faces Are Lying Bodies Are Dying
02. Magdalene
03. H
04. React
05. Desire
06. Murder
07. Recycle



Mother Disobedience – Frankie Rides the Pale Horse (ep 2011)

Οι Mother Disobedience είναι μια πειραματική μπάντα/κολεκτίβα με έδρα την Αθήνα και ηγέτη τον εκλιπόντα Frank Plastic. Σχηματίστηκαν στο διάστημα 1984 με 1986, αρχικά ως Sparmachetta, από τον Plastic και την γυναίκα του Donna Clorox ως tribute μπάντα στον Johnny Cash, αλλά μετά απο τον τραγικό θάνατο της Donna απο κεραυνό το 1987, ο Frank Plastic μετονόμασε το συγκρότημα σε Mother Disobedience και ξεκίνησε το ταξίδι στην άβυσο της αυτοσχεδιαστικής / πειραματικής μουσικής ως ένα μέσω θεραπείας για την παράνοια που προκάλεσε η απώλεια. Καμία δουλειά του Frank Plastic δεν έχει κυκλοφορήσει πριν απο το θάνατο του την ημέρα των Χριστουγέννων του 2010, εκτός από το άλμπουμ 3rd Studio Amendemnt και το EP Lahar II. Τώρα οι φίλοι και μέλη των Mother Disobedience, συνεχίζουν να ηχογραφούν νέο υλικό και να κυκλοφορούν παλαιότερες ηχογραφήσεις μέσω της DIY label τους B24

RIP Frank Plastic, Donna Clorox

Εδώ θα βρείτε link από το τελευταίο τους EP


we came from waters – famous quotes (2011 gre post punk)

 we came from waters – famous quotes 
(2010 Gr post punk/indie)


We Came From Waters is an indie / post-punk band based and formed in Florina, Greece in January 2011.
Ο Fountz στη φωνή, ο Fotis στις κιθάρες, ο Thander στο μπάσο, ο Self Mutilator στα ηλεκτρονικά.



GRAIN – Edem 2011 (greek post-punk dr)

Grain – ΕΔΕΜ (Edem) [2011]
Κυκλοφόρησε διαδικτυακά και θα υπάρξει σύντομα σε μορφή digipack, διαθέσιμο στις συναυλιες της μπαντας. Η πρώτη ολοκληρωμένη δισκογραφική δουλειά τους με τίτλο “Εδέμ”. Το artwork επιμελήθηκε ο Johnny Negri

Download :http://www.mediafire.com/?mc1ss9cjpp251fw

Belgrado – S/T [2011(SP deathrock- punk)]

This is a must hear folks. Imagine Skeletal Family playing anarkopunk with great guitar work and production value…We have to see this band live in greece..or we could possibly explode. Last FM says this
“Post punk from Barcelona, with people from Jauria, Infame, Drömdead, Los Dolares, Etacarinae, Alert alert!, Miraz…

“Melodic post-punk with an fuck-you attitude. Think of the early Polish post-punk depression, but with danceable touch”


Spain is where’s it’s at we say.

01 (01-02) No Exit & Clockwise
03 In My Head
04 No Answer
05 Those Times
06 Dead Generation
07 Lies
08 Zapomnijmy
09 Koszmar
10 Visions Of Massacre

(upped by i don’t know who but thank you!)
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