Monozid – A Splinter For The Pure (2012 postpunk GER)




These awsome people have been so kind as to send us their work for publishing yet again…Having played live in Athens this past year, and having listened to this, it is safe to say they  easily belong in the top European postpunk bands. They are active, they sound fresh and not bored, they love what they’re doing. This is great music to wake up to, both energetic and dark, balanced equally…

So,  having improved their playing skills, and after 10 years as a band, they’re tighter than ever. Interesting guitar riffs that don’t fall into the indy late 90s brit sound (such a common mistake-reference these days). I like the now slight german accent in the british vocals, it sounds original without ending up strange in the ear, they have perfected their English. It makes their songs their own. And  It (it being the postpunk genre) manages to sound original even in 2014, 30 years from its first sprouting in the 80s with PIL, thousand of bands having aspired to be post punk, few ones ARE so comfortably, easily, without their noses up in the air, both post (my preferred definition for post as a tag, post=a reflection on, and then whatever follows), AND punk.

Good work. guys.

yeah, i guess today just failed. (listen to the song with s/t as the LP)

Mp3 256kbps

01 (glowing) big stars

02 a room for the damned

03 details (moving)

04 in shades

05 hello bomb

06 a splinter for the pure

07  the drowning

08 rita, you know we are doomed

09 dead end

10  the desperate



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La Voz De Tus Ausentes – Degeneración (Mex 2012 dXr)

Did i hear anyone say there’s been a recent gap in uploads of goth “en espanol”? Oh, right, i thought so.  Anyway this is not even my post, i’ve been asked to post this LP by a sailor friend, who crosses his heart and hopes to die that this record, and just this record has helped six months away in the sea pass like ONE single day. Well this alone has to say something.

What’s left for me to describe?: excellente guitar driven work, zezaree as always doing a good job in the vocals, there’s been an increase in the BPM’s along with their getting more known, and that’s a good thing, some more samples & electronics.  Deathrock in 2010’s has seriously departed from the cinema-strange-soundalike-revival of the past decade and is finding its own sound, also far away from cassandra’s gothic rock buffoonery…These are good years to listen to music, citizens. This is what the band say for themselves in spanish, (too bored to translate now cause we re also translating an eyeculacion post mortem interview for our zine)


LA VOZ DE TUS AUSENTES se adentran en el Rock Muerto, Punk, Siniestro, Post Punk, en compañía de atmósferas de Nostalgia, Rebeldía, Autogestión, Drogas, Locura, Terror y por supuesto la madre que nos acoge a todos, la Muerte. Sus canciones pasan por distintos cambios desde su inicio hasta su final total, esto los lleva a crear armonías variadas en un entorno misterioso de sonidos que van de Agudos Chillantes hasta los bajos mas Rítmicos de Ultratumba. Es así como LA VOZ DE TUS AUSENTES se mantiene viva y resistiendo dentro de la escena subterránea Mexicana.


Zezaree – ZEZAREE: Elektro Punk
Mata Paradox – SELAHORROR: Elektronica Oscura Experimental
Efrén Carroña – ANIMADVERXION: Post Punk


MP3 128kbps

1. Eclipsados
2. Amor Enfermo
3. Rip Miguel
4. Dos Caras
5. Tradición
6. Danza Convulsa
7. La Avería
8. Buscando Sueños
9. Felino Nocturno
10. Ultimatum


Rosa Lux & Signo XIII (2012 postpunk dXr)


This is the continuation of a rather short series of uploads from the past of this blog. 2 bands in a shared upload, 2 sides of a tape , 2 same differences, or you can call it as you like. These guys have2 things  in common- their origin, both coming from south america (brazil & argentina), and that they sent us their stuff to listen. I fear that my friends may worry that i m developing a spanish speaking gtoh goth band obsession, latinophilia, but if less modern european/american bands sounded like shit, that wouldn’t be the case.

Rosa Lux come off as a bit more diy-ish and punkish, deathrockian. I like their album covers, attitude [that they didn’t wait to have a finished mastered product to present but rather hurried along and sent us their work], their sound and that they’re carrying a dead world in their hearts (how goth, how spanish, me encanta!!!).

Signo XIII (treze) are more pust punkish, indie even. The vocals are clearer, the guitars crystal with barely any distortion. I hate band to band comparisons, but they remind me of a modern day the sound/chameleons hybrid. I hear they’re on their way to bigger things(3 more records out!), the brazilian scene is exploding. With tracks like the torturer, i am not surprised.


Rosa Lux – Demo (2012 Argentina, Buenos Aires)

MP3 320kbps

01 contra-himno

02 flores negras

03 peregrinacion

04 llevamos un mundo muerto en nuestros corazones

05 la antorcha

06 fuego jacobino



Signo XIII – El verdugo y la vendetta (2012 Brazil EP)

Mp3 128Kbps


02 – CLÉO





Sleep Money – Demonstrations I & II (2012 US post punk/avant garde))



Not many words here. Sleep money from phoenix-arizona is a band better experienced than described, and they were nice enough to send us a sample of their work. I consider them truly experimental and original, hence the avant-garde in their tag. They have a very specific way they want to express, and they have really paid attention to the whole package, appearance, aesthetics, tape covers, prefering alternative media (tape  format rather than cd, tumblr rather than fb) everything. To me, this is the “righteous” path, the way to walk in 2014…wherein so much art is being produced you have to be sure you are not misrepresented.  So you get to mind all the details, you care about your work and want to be listened,  not just vomit your tracks on the earth’s surface, and you’re lucky if you end up sounding like this band. [If you don’t though, you’re just another necrohipster with a mac ,an ableton and a deep ego obsession to see yourself on stage (back in your school days you were probably the  ugly duckling of your school, not even spit upon but rather ignored). So, keep in mind kids, an artist pays attention to the details!]

I truly liked the noisy/artsy/samples/narration bits between the music tracks because surely, in modern times such as ours, the ordinary 4.00 mins track platform, can’t cover all that you have to say or express. And if you just want to listen to how this band sounds, go for “carnivorous” or “minimum”. Of course, just by the sound of them, it is easy to categorize them along with the likes of the nu new political dark punk movement, anasazi, dekoder, bestial mouths and as such, but sleep money are also covering new musical grounds and are hybridizing the nowave of times past.

They say this about themselves:

we’re a 3 piece; with a drum machine, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist – our influences range from christian death, bauhaus, killing joke to chrome, and rudimentary peni. Chondritic Sound has described us as “Stunted, repetitive industrial rock in the vein of stalwarts Big Black but with a Bad Party or Revolting Cocks sense of attitude and thrusty sleaze. Like waking up from a blackout under a pillow in the back room at a Touch & Go reunion.” 
band info – 
– started in 2011
– members of this band were also in OSS, and Cielos, and most recently in Mallevs
– we have a few upcoming shows with Deafheaven, and Stoic Violence (with Gay Kiss).
MP3 192 kbps
Demonstrations I (on Tagobella)
01 __________
02 Deconstruct 1
03 Minimum
04 _________________________ 1
05 Honey 1
06 Pet Semetary (Ramones) 1
Demonstrations II (on Ascetic House)
01 ___________________________
02 White On White
03 ________________________________________
04 Replicate
05 Content
06 Carnivorous
07 Nightwalker

mnttaB – Rocky 4-2 and 3 EP (2012 synthpunk Auss)

This psychotic australian band tags themselves death disko, synth punk, electronic noise and they actually mean it (Cathartic spastic disco sludge gauranteed to block the sink and leave chunks floating on the surface.). They are true to the Atari Teenage Riot spirit, but in kind of an updated new mutant way. I love their crazy artworks (see also their EP mainsHum). They use the new digital music media , their synths, their drum patterns, everything, the way they are supposed to be used. This is waht they have to say about the rocky ep.

released 09 April 2012
“I’m nobodies sidekick, dont have to pretend, I wont suffer your mood swings : I will not accept my own weakness.
Cos Im bigger than Elvis, Arnie, Dolph Lungren , Steve Seagal.
Believe me – I’m Rocky 4, 2 and 3.
See I’m big in Spain, Italy and Japan: I’m bigger than Beckham and Jesus AND Bono.
Fuck yeah : I’m Rocky”

this is their fb
Make an effort to go to bandcamp and at least listen to their new stuff
“Welcome to the planet, dear”, it is way crazier and darker. Good stuff!
Go on, make my day motherfuckers!

Dirty Fuse – S/t (2012) SURF!! Gr

Second  part in the summer uploads, this has nothing to do with deathrock, punk or the gothix! But it has everything to do with supporting the local scene. A great band from athens, who are also good technical musicians and have great love for the genre they chose. They actually include saxophone in their lineup, so they gain over 9000 points for that too. Their compositions are original, groovy, go real well with colorfull drinks or half frozen pilsner pints in urban terraces… and their live sets are outstanding. They play real well live with their hawain plaid shirts, they can reach high speeds with no problem (listen to kite to the stars if you don’t trust me) and wait till they get out the tzoura….(bouzouki-like organ). So may the gods of reverb be with these guys….
In this upload we also included the lost riders EP, as upped by urbanaspirines here…

Dirty Fuse – Dirty Fuse (320Kbps mp3) 2012
01 Your Brain Is Calling
02 Sunset Beach (V. Tsitsanis Akrogialies Deilina cover)
03 A Blade from Damascus
04 Broken Wheels
05 Surf Lady
06 Reverb Land
07 Red Moon
08 Cowgirl Gone Surfing
09 Surfin’ Bahia
10 Kite to the Stars
11 Black Hole
12 Last Wave

Dirty Fuse – Lost Riders (2010)
01 lost riders
02 look around
03 perfect device
04 vu


Mekrokiev – Mimetismo Vol1 (dr, MEX 2012)

 Well, we know we’ve (for a long time now)promised you a big playlist from the latin d x r spanish speaking escena… Instead you’re getting an article about it in the next “bats & cockroaches” zine and now,this download. For the playlist you ‘ll have to wait a bit more 🙂
But today’s item, well it’s one of the best new things going on… Remember mekrokiev (distante) from the last version of the community’s choices? They were good enough to send us this copy of their last release, and it is the best cover collection in the gothic rock field that we’ve listened since a long time…And they are really proving what we’ve pretty much known for these last few years…mexico is really the place to be if you’re into deathrock these days. These guys got both the look, the skills and the (haunted?evil?)-anyway quite unique and memorable front vocals. And track by track they are adding to their already full(2 LP’s,1 EP and now this!) discography, very much to our delight… Here,they made the drowning a bit more powerful, added much “evilness” to temple of love (must listen) and I was glad to see a bit of meddling in politics with V…
Also a must for dj’s, wanting to spin different cover versions of overplayed-but-still-good songs (another way of saying shatter is excellente).

 01 Shine on (House of Love)
02 Pet Sematary (The Ramones)
03 The Drowning (Christian Death)
04 Shatter (London after Midnight)
05 Vendetta
06 Subterfuge (Rosetta Stone)
07 Levitation (Garden of Delight)
08 Zodiac (Christian Death)
09 Temple of Love (The Sisters of Mercy)
10 Whatever makes you happy (Girls under glass)
“take me where there exist other colours
guide me where life won’t separate us
take me where death won’t catch us
where logic will never meet us”

Stay sick!

Pornostroika Dadaifi – Συλλογη Μπρεχτιαδα (2012 avant garde)

Δεν έχουμε ανεβάσει πολλές φορές από εδώ το κάποιο από τα άλμπουμ των πορνοστρόικα.. Σ’ αυτή εδώ την κυκλοφορία δεν μπορεσαμε να κάνουμε τα στραβά μάτια, ίσως για να επιβραβευτεί ο κόπος των παιδιών όλο αυτό τον καιρό και πίσω απο τη συγκεκριμένη συλλογή. Μέλη της (εμείς θεωρούμε) αδελφής κολλεκτίβας (όσον αφορά τους στόχους) μουσικών και καλλιτεχνών του ΖΑΜ, οι ίδιοι διαδίδουν πως μεταξύ άλλων ίσως τους καλύπτει μουσικά η ταμπέλα του proto-industrial. Προσωπικά δεν τους έβαλα παρά την ταμπέλα της πρωτοπορίας (avant garde) μιας και είναι κάτι ξεχωριστό, όχι για πολλά αυτιά. Αλλά καμμιά μουσική που ποστάρεται απο’δω μέσα δεν είναι για όλα τα αυτιά και σε 1-2 άτομα να έχει να πει κάτι αυτό, και κατόπιν αν εκείνοι οι 1-2 το διαδώσουν και έτσι συνεχίσουν την αλυσίδα, εμείς θα‘μαστε καλυμμένοι. 
Εδώ μια ενδιαφέρουσα συνεντευξη τους.
Η τέχνη πέθανε τη στιγμή που συμβιβάστηκε μ’ αυτόν εδώ τον κόσμο.Enjoy.