Kalashnikov discography (IT punk 2000-2015)

kalashnikov1Hey citizens, it’s this time of the year again. The going away for summer time without any posts, and i decided to leave you with a gift.
This has been quite a long coming since I ‘ve been listening to them a lot lately. Not deathrock straightforward, but gloomy punk certainly. This is the group of people that coined the “romantic punx” term anyway. Changed my mind a few times whether i should upload this or that album of theirs, what is my favorite period of them, and ended up settling at getting a full discography out there, because it’s not easily available in other blogs (in just a few easy clicks anyway). It was an easy task since the milanese band collective have all their stuff available in the bandcamp or official site. GO read the manifesto dammit, it is not just a music thing or an aesthetic band. I wish i knew more italian to be able to get the lyrics better.


Support the god damn band dammit, and for god’s sake, bring’em to Athens again.

Wait, I’m supposed to go through all that, now? Awkward, unrelated, personal stuff below.

For what seems like a long time now in my eyes, the local greek punk scene has been very inward, obsessed with doom, misery and general chaos.
There is something uncomfortable in the air. There is a faint feeling, a vague thought, something we all seem to suspect in our heads, but it’s never being discussed about. It is a fear we all seem to share, too deep to be put in words. It is a fear that music does NOT MATTER any more. That it has stopped shaping our lives, we have stopped living IN and through music, but it has rather become one more of our commodities. Another discussion item to prove how hip we are. Postmodern nonsensical lyrics, or repetitive endless experimentation, triangles and for no apparent reason-minimalist linear covers everywhere, maybe people just stopped expressing their fears and hopes, stopped singing about how they’re imagining the new world, the one we’re supposed to be building and decided to bottle everything up.

So much of our reality is bleak and hopeless. So many spent days staring at walls’ corners and screens, suffering bitter jobs. And perhaps as a direct result, so much of our punk is doomed, heavy and unbearable sounding, offering no hope whatsoever. Things in punk have taken a turn to the crust-d-beat-stoner side of things. As if nothing has any meaning any more. Just speed ridden distorted guitars and drums, endless amounts of beer gurgling because what else is there to do, violent pogoing against others not with others and just destruction toward all directions. As if we have already lost. Totally disconnected from the 77 roots, you can no longer make out any melodies or catch a lyric, chaotic accelerating rhythms totally disconnected from any eventual meaning or release. Everybody wants to be on a stage, and guess what, you now have the social media to convince you the rest of the world is your audience, and your badly rehearsed songs are ready to be put out there,and as long as they get a few likes, your laziness is justified.

Perhaps we have been in the circles of music too long. It is the air which we breathe, our passion, a center around all our expression is based. We’ve long been stuck in a rut IN this or that specific subcultures, cruising scenes, learning trivia, listening to this or that side-project f the bassist of…,comparing stretching bodymods or bat shaped accessories instead of looking out to the world, offering alternatives to our miserable day-to-day routines, answering tough questions about what steps must be made to create a new better one. And it is all too important to leave behind, too precious to categorize as just more of our comforts, our luxuries. Music is not something on the sides of our lives, it doesn’t play on a stereo somewhere while we do our jobs, our other stuff. Rather, it IS the stuff we do, while we work our day jobs to support our music addiction. Much of our time has been spent avoiding the tough questions, rather than answering them. What steps we should make to change ourselves to be ready for a new world? Do we have skills required to survive without THEM? Well, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to the hardcore zines lately. But we simply cannot abide any more passable singles. catchy riffs and forgettable EP’s, music to just make another year go by, the 2015 new album of this or that artist, we cant afford just another conversation item to go by. Music is supposed to be able to change things, to be how we live our lives. This is the case with kalashnikov.

I believe this band is offering the world not the answers, but the first steps of beginning the discussion of what we should do, and how we should proceed to change some of the wrong stuff. Not the solution to the problems but rather their point of view, and the words, the language to start talking about what has been going on.. They record not as a commodity, but because they want what they have to say to get out there. Of course, this band is very political.
Each songs lives in its own world, and it wants to drag you into it, sometimes from the hair if necessary. They play good, female vocal driven, synth-y, melodic romantic punk. If unsure where to start first, listen to 2009’s ” Living in a psycho-caos era” and if you like it, proceed with their debut.
“Kalashnikov were born in 1996 on the dirty floor of a squat in Milano, Italy, to give vent to the adolescent restlessness of three punx. Under the drunkenness of the heavenly libertarian nectar and rejecting the ruling culture, Kalashnikov are created with the wish to put together their own utopias and passion…”
Get the kalashnikov discography below.

Kalashnikov discography 2000-2015 mediafire

Kalashnikov discography uloz.to

El Mal – Jornada Espiritual V.I.P (2013 minimal ARG)


Well folks, true, it’s been 4 months since our last post. It is getting more and more difficult to find music worth writing even a few lines for. Perhaps then this entry has been worth the wait. It’s been in my playlists for over a year now. Ok, it is minimal. electro .But it is good minimal, not the boring stuff that always sounds stuck in the 80s. At their best they sound like the most digital side of “the vanishing”. At their worst, they sound cold and impersonal, but this is a good thing in this music i hear. Ella es intangible is a great track about loving girls that you can’t have, and it’s originally by aviador dro side proj-los iniciados (1982).Trivia i know.

The soy mutante spanish net label seems very promising. I like their “fuck hifi obsessed geeks- d/l everything fo’free” attitude and their net releases of their friends’ bands (polar vampyre versus fighting eagles, nacho and el robot:).

“Soy mutante’s a net label oriented to the indie, post punk, new wave and related genres. it bets on the diffusion of domestic recordings of medium fidelity.

The band’s press release was:

“Behind any great attempt there is a colossal insignificance that blinks over the sinks of the dengue /// 8 tracks to remember that everything can be worse, even when it seems that it cannot decline more.
¡Que empiece la danza en los jardines de tu propio infierno privado!
Recorded between May and October of 2012 at Mansión Mutante (Rosario) y el Galpón de Chaca (Bs As) by Ignacio Espumado (Matilda, Nacho y el Robot).



  • Vortex
  • V. María
  • Escupiré sobre tu Tumba
  • Pastita / En la Intimidad
  • Sistema de Cañones
  • Ella es Intangible
  • Desde los Inviernos
  • Duelo Rasante




J. A. Peksujeff – Second Assortment (2013 FIN dark wave-folk)

cover second assortiment

How well to describe this? Lets start by saying this is not an official “release”, more like an assortment of songs and demos performed by one man dark wave-folk band joel aukusti. PREPARE YOUR TEAS!I can’t imagine but accompanying this music with some tea or chamomile, surely no alcohol. If you had to booze it, you d have to go with something that will surely kill you in the process, like vast quantities of red wine, absinthe or something along the lines of opium or labdanum.

Depressive, desperate, cold and dreary.
Repetitive and chant like, almost like “alternative” church music for goths. Bass oriented, there is some guitar, some synths but there’re almost no sounds in the high pitches. It sounds like listening to a recording of early xmal deutchland from afar, equalized just to the lower frequencies but with layers and layers of reverb and echo over it. I like how the voice sounds, originating back from the depths of a lovecraftian cave coming out to haunt you, each phrase an attack, or a cry.

There is pain in this music. There is loneliness. And also, a relentless force of control, just when you assume there is going to be a release in the track, a break, a scream or a solo, he pulls you back to the death in june-ish misery. The atmosphere is upheld tight, there is never a peeling of the curtains or an end, it’s like watching theater clasped in your seat.

I imagine this being background music to a game of abandoned vast frozen emptiness, roaming  alone in the wilderness, a dark morrowind or fallout (gamin references end here), end of civilization thing. That being said, Of name & servitude has a nice deathrocky guitar riff dominating it.

All things considered, seeing how this is diy oriented and not a commercial release, i’d want the vocals to be able to be heard for a change at times, especially if some of the lyrics are in english. Also,  some noises, guitars or screams, some sweet release would be good instead of this unhuman holding back! Looking anxiously for the third assortiment, let’s push things forward…

MP3 320Kbps

01 Tonight we dine

02 Beaten drum

03 This role

04 Our heads

05 Of name & servitude

06 To the games



support the artist here


Generacion Suicida – Con La Muerte a Tu Lado (2013 Us punk)

Generacion Suicida - Con La Muerte a Tu Lado - cover

Before you are quick to judge this is not one of THOSE spanish deathrock ups. These are cool dudes from Los Angeles that chose to sing in spanish. Genre?  It plays out as if we ‘re back in ’77 and they are playing only in the minor chords.  So, the name of the game is romantic punk, much like our favored italian neighbors kalashnikov (why havent we hosted some of their work here?????).  To my ears Ya no Hay KE hablar (no need to talk any more) stands out as the single… This is their first LP- they also have a demo and an EP out, so your work is there laid out in front of you.  Catchy, fast, melancholic, it is music to listen to before you go out, or music to fall in love with, or from a lousy speaker connected to a cellphone, while standing next to a wall with your leather jacket on, somewhere outdoors with quite a few of those cervezas inside you. It is what we’ ll be listening as we are destroying the last bits of civilization.

MP3 320kbps

01 Dices

02 Juventud

03 Ya No Hay Ke Hablar

04 Los Pobres, Ladrones, Y Muertos

05 Reflejos

06 El Centro

07 Todo Destruido

08 Aburrimiento

09 Frakasos

10 Metralleta

11 Mil Amores


Go give them a dollar or two in their bandcamp… and perhaps we’ll be lucky if some balls-y diy team brings them to play.


Institute – Demo 12” EP (2013 dXr TX)

Not much to say here, citizens. Institute from Austin are deathrock as it should be sounding in 2013. This is their demo. You can cross a straight line  btw 80’s christian death and them. I really liked the punk via Crass twist ending “Narrow & straight”. Just hope i was rich and could see them live some day

Listen to something new each day.



MP3 160Kbps

01 Putrid

02 Dead Sea

03 Bureaucrat

04 Diamonds & Pearls

05 Weak Times

06  Narrow & Straight

Va – NewRetroWave – Crypt EP (2013)



-Wow, wow, let me stop you there, wow, new retro wave, but isn’t this hipster music?

Yup, you got a point there. The hipster audience, as is the case with fucking omar suleiman, embraced yet another “movement” or genre irrelevantly to the musical content, just because everybody else seemed to be doing it. But what if, what IF there is some musical worth in some of the hipster stuff being marketed nowadays (dirty beaches, lynch?, the dreams?) . Let’s find out.

There has been a recent resurgence of the 80’s electro soundscapes, and perhaps it is because that decade’s nerds have grown up to become the 30year old musicians of today. For 20 year old they were punks in a way or another, jamming out hard and fast, but naturally now they “nostalgia” (see what i did there?i used it as a verb) about their SEGA gaming teen and preteen <glorious> days and we end up with this delightful mix of great music to drive to or just get lost in. Plus, you know it as well as i do, the hipsters don’t have a clue how to dance gloomily shake their booties to dark minimal synth music, but goths have had 3 decades to practice this to perfection. These urban landscapes, simple and instantly recognizable drum machine patterns, severely dated synth presets and the occasional post-disco vocal found the way in our hearts somehow. ++++, this is their halloween special release for 2013. Who is they?  The new retro wave audience is centered around a great bandcamp account that’s rotating/giving away various free compilations, and slowly building what resembles a scene around it (RESPECT THE LOVE).  This year’s CRYPT ep features loveable spooky artworks and track themes as well as musics, since apparently we share the love for 8os italo horror with these guys. Give it a chance, it might give you a glimpse in your own past, or who knows a 1950’s retro future that never came (dystopia arrived in its place).

MP3 320kbps

01. Niky Nine – Road

02. Ex-Machina – Night Of The Rottweiler IV (Main Theme)

03. Vincenzo Salvia – Love Crime At The Disco

04. Arc Neon – Los Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo

05. Vector Sector – The Zeta City Slasher

06. Denovomutans – Black as Sackcloth, Red like Blood

07. Nightcrawler – Necro City

08. Dana’s Vision – Zombie Werewolves




The Exploding Boy – Four (2013 post punk Swe)



Perhaps this does not belong here. It can be argued it is too poppy, mainstream oriented, or that this genre (post punk gone indie) has been way overplayed from other media. Fact is, if this band had been playing in the 80’s they could be the cure of today- and saying this without being jaded good or bad.

The exploding boy are hurrying towards success, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It takes a certain kind of persistence to keep a band together, mostly those who do it for A*R*T don’t stick to see the ending. What cant be argued is that this is rock played in minor, gloomy radio songs or even dark rock or dark alternative as some like to say. Would have liked it if they’d included an obscure cover, some delta blues or somefink.  Worth a listen, so you can have an opinion of your own, just before you see them headlining or sth in a wave gotik treffen somewhere.

Good music to do your chores, or for when you don’t want to listen to boring repetitve unoriginal difficult claustrophobic 80’s french cold wave. Besides I still listen to interpol, pretty regurarly.


256kbps MP3

01.Cracked – Reasons

02.Street Cliche

03.Going to Hell

04.Dark City Pt. II





09.Get it Out

10.Scared to Death


What you cant convince me otherwise though, is that being from Sweden, all these guys were into metal in their teens. And it shows. And it is a bad thing. Period.


Tango Mangalore – Songs That Proclaimed Solitude.Ep

(wave noir – darkwave – decadent cabaret – greece 2013)

In this Ep Tango Mangalore goes bitter on the world just before he embarks another vessel leaving behind him songs that make your tummybox feel broken and funny and songs that proclaim solitude.A nice sample of music that comes from an obsolete heart filled with cigarette filters and coil….that’s the awful truth to it .
Enjoy and feel free to reblog and download .

01. Tango Mangalore – When Blue Turns Red
02. Tango Mangalore – Irregular Sonnet
03. Tango Mangalore – The Rise And Fall Of The Supreme Sinner


Schröttersburg – Demencje (demo 2013)

Schröttersburg – Demencje (demo 2013)
Schröttersburg, a band from Poland, released their first demo. 
They came to shake us with their noise rock/post punk sounds.
Listen and support with any possible way.
Kunst ! Lärm ! Punk!
Track List:
Download link:
The band:

Catholic Spit – A Pact With The Devil (2013)

Catholic Spit – A Pact With The Devil (12inch – 2013)
Just when you thought that deathrock revival scene is coming to a decline these people from Ventura,CA showed up with their aggressive and dark version of things letting you know that the sickness is not yet lost. .
Give it a listen and support them in way possible. 
Track List : 
1 Inevitable Death
2 Devil’s Pact 
3 I’m Your God Now 
4 Zero
5 Dentist 
6 Sick,Sick,Sex
7 Die Alone