Va Raw Tape #5 – Avant Garde Espanol (1980-9)



Η συνοδευτική κασέτα συλλογή για τη στηλη raw tape του 5ου τευχους Νυχτερίδες και Κατσαρίδες.

The tape compilation to accompany the “raw tape” column from bats & roaches zine #5.


a1 Noche En Bombay-Untitled

a2 La caida de la casa usher-Insecticidios

a3 Interaccion-Cadencias

a4 T.V. Soviética-El Gran Geiser

a5 Agrimensor k-Principio y fin

a6 El Humano Mecano-La Máquina Te Dictará

a7 Fernando Gallego-El almuerzo desnudo

a8 Diseño Corbusier-Golpe de Amistad

a9 Esplendor Geometrico-Paedophile information Exchange

b1 Orfeon Gagarin-Gripe previa

b2 Fernando Gallego-Espana y Cuba

b3 Los iniciados-Peter Pan

b4 Diseño Corbusier-Meta metalic

b5 Aviador Dro-La Televisión Es Nutritiva

b6 La caida de la casa Ushe-Baila, negro!

b7 Interaccion-Sudan

b8 Espendor Geometrico-Negros hambrientos

b9 Aviador Dro-Cita en el asteroide Eden

Sleep Money – Demonstrations I & II (2012 US post punk/avant garde))



Not many words here. Sleep money from phoenix-arizona is a band better experienced than described, and they were nice enough to send us a sample of their work. I consider them truly experimental and original, hence the avant-garde in their tag. They have a very specific way they want to express, and they have really paid attention to the whole package, appearance, aesthetics, tape covers, prefering alternative media (tape  format rather than cd, tumblr rather than fb) everything. To me, this is the “righteous” path, the way to walk in 2014…wherein so much art is being produced you have to be sure you are not misrepresented.  So you get to mind all the details, you care about your work and want to be listened,  not just vomit your tracks on the earth’s surface, and you’re lucky if you end up sounding like this band. [If you don’t though, you’re just another necrohipster with a mac ,an ableton and a deep ego obsession to see yourself on stage (back in your school days you were probably the  ugly duckling of your school, not even spit upon but rather ignored). So, keep in mind kids, an artist pays attention to the details!]

I truly liked the noisy/artsy/samples/narration bits between the music tracks because surely, in modern times such as ours, the ordinary 4.00 mins track platform, can’t cover all that you have to say or express. And if you just want to listen to how this band sounds, go for “carnivorous” or “minimum”. Of course, just by the sound of them, it is easy to categorize them along with the likes of the nu new political dark punk movement, anasazi, dekoder, bestial mouths and as such, but sleep money are also covering new musical grounds and are hybridizing the nowave of times past.

They say this about themselves:

we’re a 3 piece; with a drum machine, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist – our influences range from christian death, bauhaus, killing joke to chrome, and rudimentary peni. Chondritic Sound has described us as “Stunted, repetitive industrial rock in the vein of stalwarts Big Black but with a Bad Party or Revolting Cocks sense of attitude and thrusty sleaze. Like waking up from a blackout under a pillow in the back room at a Touch & Go reunion.” 
band info – 
– started in 2011
– members of this band were also in OSS, and Cielos, and most recently in Mallevs
– we have a few upcoming shows with Deafheaven, and Stoic Violence (with Gay Kiss).
MP3 192 kbps
Demonstrations I (on Tagobella)
01 __________
02 Deconstruct 1
03 Minimum
04 _________________________ 1
05 Honey 1
06 Pet Semetary (Ramones) 1
Demonstrations II (on Ascetic House)
01 ___________________________
02 White On White
03 ________________________________________
04 Replicate
05 Content
06 Carnivorous
07 Nightwalker