Sor Obscena – Antologia & Pecado Mortal(’88-’96 PERU dark wave)


Una vida paso….buscando cambios…

Sor obscena were a lima based dark wave band that came around the late end of the ’80s. People in their scene characterised them as copying the Bauhaus sound, but to me they have a personal thing going on for them, quite unique. New waveish but not new wave,  melodical but rooted in punk, these were dark times for peru and this music reflects that totally. Every organ has its place , original melodies for the chord instruments, they have synths but are not synth driven, and the singer sounds rally in pain. Music for the heart. The band undertook some lineup changes in the 90s, the sound changed slightly (listen to ciudades mertas next to dulce agonia) and it got even greater. The original lineup was

Luis Sanguinetti (voz principal y bajo)
Luis Jara (guitarra)
Ofelia Arellano (teclados)
Mino Mele (batería)

The band never had a full LP of it’s own, just the pecado Ep, and hence this anthology of recordings was released in the late 90s. I understand they’ve been remastering the EP along with some new tracks since 2011. Hopefully it will some time get out. Till then, enjoy, romantic deathrock.


Antologia (1998)


01 Dulce Agonia
02 Rincon de la Eternidad
03 Delay
04 Palabras Sobrias
05 Viajero
06 Tratar de Escapar
07 Ciudades Muertas
08 No Se
09 Sicalipsis


Pecado Mortal (1989)


01 Rincón De La Eternidad
02 Dulce Agonía
03 Iglesia
04 Muerto En Vida
05 Un Viajero
06 Ciudades Muertas

pecado mortal stolen from heaxagono carmesi. great article-very sentimental- about the band in spanish found there.


Postpunk & dark wave πεμπτες @ Λοκομοτιβα



χωρίς τίτλο, με μια νεκροκεφαλή στο εξώφυλλο και δυο κόκκαλα “χιαστί” κάτω απ’ αυτή και με την ακόλουθη λεζάντα:
Με το Μηδέν και το Άπειρο
να συμφιλιωθούμε


The guys behind the bats&roaches zine and their friends will be behind the decks of locomotiva bar, every thursday after 22.00. Expect a full deathrock absurd mix, from bob marley to ministry as a friend used to say….


J. A. Peksujeff – Second Assortment (2013 FIN dark wave-folk)

cover second assortiment

How well to describe this? Lets start by saying this is not an official “release”, more like an assortment of songs and demos performed by one man dark wave-folk band joel aukusti. PREPARE YOUR TEAS!I can’t imagine but accompanying this music with some tea or chamomile, surely no alcohol. If you had to booze it, you d have to go with something that will surely kill you in the process, like vast quantities of red wine, absinthe or something along the lines of opium or labdanum.

Depressive, desperate, cold and dreary.
Repetitive and chant like, almost like “alternative” church music for goths. Bass oriented, there is some guitar, some synths but there’re almost no sounds in the high pitches. It sounds like listening to a recording of early xmal deutchland from afar, equalized just to the lower frequencies but with layers and layers of reverb and echo over it. I like how the voice sounds, originating back from the depths of a lovecraftian cave coming out to haunt you, each phrase an attack, or a cry.

There is pain in this music. There is loneliness. And also, a relentless force of control, just when you assume there is going to be a release in the track, a break, a scream or a solo, he pulls you back to the death in june-ish misery. The atmosphere is upheld tight, there is never a peeling of the curtains or an end, it’s like watching theater clasped in your seat.

I imagine this being background music to a game of abandoned vast frozen emptiness, roaming  alone in the wilderness, a dark morrowind or fallout (gamin references end here), end of civilization thing. That being said, Of name & servitude has a nice deathrocky guitar riff dominating it.

All things considered, seeing how this is diy oriented and not a commercial release, i’d want the vocals to be able to be heard for a change at times, especially if some of the lyrics are in english. Also,  some noises, guitars or screams, some sweet release would be good instead of this unhuman holding back! Looking anxiously for the third assortiment, let’s push things forward…

MP3 320Kbps

01 Tonight we dine

02 Beaten drum

03 This role

04 Our heads

05 Of name & servitude

06 To the games

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Colloquio – Il giardino delle lacrime [tape] 1993

Colloquio είναι το one-man-band project του Gianni Pedretti εκφράζοντας την eloctronic/new wave dark wave και γοτθική γενικότερα αισθητική.Ξεκινόντας στις αρχές του 90 συνέχισε ενεργός με διάφορες συνεργασίες και κυκλοφορίες μέχρι και το περσινό φθινώπορο …


Εδώ επιλέγω την πρώτη κασσέτα με τιτλο “Il giardino delle lacrime”..
Προκαλεί έντονη ατμόσφαιρα κάνοντας το μυαλό σας να περάσει στην δυσοίωνη πλευρά του ακούγοντας την…



Sleep Money – Demonstrations I & II (2012 US post punk/avant garde))



Not many words here. Sleep money from phoenix-arizona is a band better experienced than described, and they were nice enough to send us a sample of their work. I consider them truly experimental and original, hence the avant-garde in their tag. They have a very specific way they want to express, and they have really paid attention to the whole package, appearance, aesthetics, tape covers, prefering alternative media (tape  format rather than cd, tumblr rather than fb) everything. To me, this is the “righteous” path, the way to walk in 2014…wherein so much art is being produced you have to be sure you are not misrepresented.  So you get to mind all the details, you care about your work and want to be listened,  not just vomit your tracks on the earth’s surface, and you’re lucky if you end up sounding like this band. [If you don’t though, you’re just another necrohipster with a mac ,an ableton and a deep ego obsession to see yourself on stage (back in your school days you were probably the  ugly duckling of your school, not even spit upon but rather ignored). So, keep in mind kids, an artist pays attention to the details!]

I truly liked the noisy/artsy/samples/narration bits between the music tracks because surely, in modern times such as ours, the ordinary 4.00 mins track platform, can’t cover all that you have to say or express. And if you just want to listen to how this band sounds, go for “carnivorous” or “minimum”. Of course, just by the sound of them, it is easy to categorize them along with the likes of the nu new political dark punk movement, anasazi, dekoder, bestial mouths and as such, but sleep money are also covering new musical grounds and are hybridizing the nowave of times past.

They say this about themselves:

we’re a 3 piece; with a drum machine, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist – our influences range from christian death, bauhaus, killing joke to chrome, and rudimentary peni. Chondritic Sound has described us as “Stunted, repetitive industrial rock in the vein of stalwarts Big Black but with a Bad Party or Revolting Cocks sense of attitude and thrusty sleaze. Like waking up from a blackout under a pillow in the back room at a Touch & Go reunion.” 
band info – 
– started in 2011
– members of this band were also in OSS, and Cielos, and most recently in Mallevs
– we have a few upcoming shows with Deafheaven, and Stoic Violence (with Gay Kiss).
MP3 192 kbps
Demonstrations I (on Tagobella)
01 __________
02 Deconstruct 1
03 Minimum
04 _________________________ 1
05 Honey 1
06 Pet Semetary (Ramones) 1
Demonstrations II (on Ascetic House)
01 ___________________________
02 White On White
03 ________________________________________
04 Replicate
05 Content
06 Carnivorous
07 Nightwalker