Va Raw Tape #5 – Avant Garde Espanol (1980-9)



Η συνοδευτική κασέτα συλλογή για τη στηλη raw tape του 5ου τευχους Νυχτερίδες και Κατσαρίδες.

The tape compilation to accompany the “raw tape” column from bats & roaches zine #5.


a1 Noche En Bombay-Untitled

a2 La caida de la casa usher-Insecticidios

a3 Interaccion-Cadencias

a4 T.V. Soviética-El Gran Geiser

a5 Agrimensor k-Principio y fin

a6 El Humano Mecano-La Máquina Te Dictará

a7 Fernando Gallego-El almuerzo desnudo

a8 Diseño Corbusier-Golpe de Amistad

a9 Esplendor Geometrico-Paedophile information Exchange

b1 Orfeon Gagarin-Gripe previa

b2 Fernando Gallego-Espana y Cuba

b3 Los iniciados-Peter Pan

b4 Diseño Corbusier-Meta metalic

b5 Aviador Dro-La Televisión Es Nutritiva

b6 La caida de la casa Ushe-Baila, negro!

b7 Interaccion-Sudan

b8 Espendor Geometrico-Negros hambrientos

b9 Aviador Dro-Cita en el asteroide Eden

Rats Kill Bats – EP (2014 Hungary)


Ok. It’s on. The review for Budapest-hungary’s first deathrock band. Well this is what they say about themselves:

“Years ago at the Black Noise festival we talked about forming a new band. The idea was to form Hungary’s first deathrock band and to give a fresh sound in the scene. Finally in 2014, one gloomy night we formed Rats Kill Bats.
Although the members have different musical backgrounds; we merged our taste into something which is now can be described as deathrockish punk, or deathpunk.

And well, fresh sounding they are indeed! Female vocals appear to be reappearing in the genre (masquerade,arctic flowers, moral hex, belgrado/sect….) which is a good thing. The way the voice sticks in your brain after the record is over reminds me of a younger version of eveghost in scarlet’s remains-now christ vs warhol. The music seems to tend towards the 80s punk movement than the 90s goth or 2000’s deathrock, tracks are bpm intense,desperate sounding and not a synth in sight:). The production value is crystal clear-not always the best choice for non native english speaker punk bands, but they make it work due to their solid bass and guitar. The EP is actually pretty short-the catchy songs never tire you and it all sorts of blend to each other, leaving you craving for more. More but witnessed live, black clad, dripping with 1st row sweat and stinking of fog machine fuel. Still one can only dream.

mp3 320kpbs

01 I don’t care

02 Asylum

03 Into the woods

04 Commercial God

Postpunk & dark wave πεμπτες @ Λοκομοτιβα



χωρίς τίτλο, με μια νεκροκεφαλή στο εξώφυλλο και δυο κόκκαλα “χιαστί” κάτω απ’ αυτή και με την ακόλουθη λεζάντα:
Με το Μηδέν και το Άπειρο
να συμφιλιωθούμε


The guys behind the bats&roaches zine and their friends will be behind the decks of locomotiva bar, every thursday after 22.00. Expect a full deathrock absurd mix, from bob marley to ministry as a friend used to say….


Dystopian Society/ Tanzkommando Untergang (2011 dark punk IT/GER)


Ok, it’s true, we haven’t been too busy since we last brought the dystopian scoiety guys over, nearly a year and some such days ago.  We’ve also owed you guys a relative upload, so this is the” cages” LP, along with their friends’ tanzkommando untergang demo, dating back to 2011. A double tape/upload like the old days!

Cages is a great modern concept/ 80’s sounding deathrock album. It twists and turns , while keeping you firmly in its gloomy, sinister punk grasp. The guitar work is over 9000, and there are both male & female vocals. Better people than me have reviewed this album, i just suggest you give it a listen, it rewards you. I listen to them when i stay at home, realizing that there is nothing out there worth to go out to, when my mood is shit and the world has thoroughly disappointed me with what it ended up to be. They keep me company. Also when i want to dance & smash stuff. (People with a budget, go see them play at unpleasant meeting, 9 may @ paris. This festival is too crazy!)



Tanzkommando Untergang are better experienced live. A true punk band, fem vox and really speedy (if they had drops and pauses they could be resembling to belgrado, but it’s much more amebix than action pact). The gloominess factor is here but not overwhelming, the demo is not mastered so it’s very raw. The band is very much in the squat/diy german scene, and i hope they keep playing and give us a great sounding finished  LP sometime. +++ gotta love the cowbell! A great b-side for a tape combo you could play before going out to a kalashnikov*or insert favorite diy band here*  live set…

It’s not the fires we start they should be worrying about, but the fires burning within us…

MP3 320Kbps

Dystopian Society – Cages (2011)

01 Echoes Of Disaster

02 Last Crusade

03 No Hope

04 Antisocial

05 The Legacy Of Wars

06 Death Signals

07 Dystopian Society

08 Heretic

09 The City With No Name

10 Masquerade

11 The Spiral

12 Time Has Come

Tanzkommando Untergang – Demo (2011)

01 1943 (Ghetto)

02 The Walk

03 Dr Guillotine

04 Pictures From The Past

05 Broken Mirror

06 Let Rome Burn

07 Pogo Disaster


Αδης – Αυτά που Δεν Θα Δεις (2001 GR gothic-rock)

front Adhs

Ρίχτα, σείδη.

“Οι “Άδης” είναι ενα συγκρότημα από την Καβάλα το οποίο έχει κυκλοφορήσει ανεξάρτητα ένα ελληνόφωνο post punk-dark wave δίσκο το 2001 με τίτλο “Αυτά Που Δεν Θα Δείς“. Επιπλέον εκείνο τον καιρό ετοιμάζονταν για αγγλόφωνη δουλειά. Φυσικά τα ίχνη τους έχουν χαθεί εδώ και χρόνια και δεν υπάρχουν πληροφορίες για αυτούς και την δράση τους.. Έχουν συμμετάσχει στην συλλογή Φάκελος Rock 1 & 40 χρόνια rock & Γυαλιά Ηλίου στο Σκοτάδι (diy) με το τραγούδι “η εικόνα του σπηλαίου”. “

 Written-By – Βασίλης Δρακάκης, Λάζαρος Φωτιάδης

 Adis is the next greek best thing next to the Sisters Of Mercy. They want to sound like them, dress like them, be like them. Song titles including the bat, when night falls, the cavern’s image and of course their name’s choice ADIS (hell-the underworld-where the dead went for ancient greeks) suggest the same. It is also very romantic guitar-vocal oriented music, they closely stick to the gothic rock nosferatu/early mission/sisters of mercy/ sound so the music hasn’t aged as much as one would think-it comes from the early 2000’s. This should have been played more in greek clubs everywhere, but no, fuck you, djs, you play what the people want to listen, right?  Play for pay, a familiar story…

Anyone aboard for greek goth, hop on, citizens.

MP3 128Kbps

01- Eswstrefhs Erwtas

02- Diaxwrismenos

03- Otan Nyxtwnei

04- Nyxterida

05- Stigmes Thanatou

06- H Eikona Tou Sphlaiou

07- Mpainontas Sta Nera

08- Skoteina Nera

09- Emmesa Mazi

10- Enw Koimountai

11- Adhs

Download (κλεμμενο εξολοκληρου απο ελ.ληνοφωνη α.νεξαρτητη ς.κηνη )

La Voz De Tus Ausentes – Degeneración (Mex 2012 dXr)

Did i hear anyone say there’s been a recent gap in uploads of goth “en espanol”? Oh, right, i thought so.  Anyway this is not even my post, i’ve been asked to post this LP by a sailor friend, who crosses his heart and hopes to die that this record, and just this record has helped six months away in the sea pass like ONE single day. Well this alone has to say something.

What’s left for me to describe?: excellente guitar driven work, zezaree as always doing a good job in the vocals, there’s been an increase in the BPM’s along with their getting more known, and that’s a good thing, some more samples & electronics.  Deathrock in 2010’s has seriously departed from the cinema-strange-soundalike-revival of the past decade and is finding its own sound, also far away from cassandra’s gothic rock buffoonery…These are good years to listen to music, citizens. This is what the band say for themselves in spanish, (too bored to translate now cause we re also translating an eyeculacion post mortem interview for our zine)


LA VOZ DE TUS AUSENTES se adentran en el Rock Muerto, Punk, Siniestro, Post Punk, en compañía de atmósferas de Nostalgia, Rebeldía, Autogestión, Drogas, Locura, Terror y por supuesto la madre que nos acoge a todos, la Muerte. Sus canciones pasan por distintos cambios desde su inicio hasta su final total, esto los lleva a crear armonías variadas en un entorno misterioso de sonidos que van de Agudos Chillantes hasta los bajos mas Rítmicos de Ultratumba. Es así como LA VOZ DE TUS AUSENTES se mantiene viva y resistiendo dentro de la escena subterránea Mexicana.


Zezaree – ZEZAREE: Elektro Punk
Mata Paradox – SELAHORROR: Elektronica Oscura Experimental
Efrén Carroña – ANIMADVERXION: Post Punk


MP3 128kbps

1. Eclipsados
2. Amor Enfermo
3. Rip Miguel
4. Dos Caras
5. Tradición
6. Danza Convulsa
7. La Avería
8. Buscando Sueños
9. Felino Nocturno
10. Ultimatum


Creep Records Discography (1980’s Gr dark)

Creep Records Logo


Arguably the first truly independent record label in Greece, founded in Athens by Μπάμπης Δαλίδης (drummer for prominent Creep band Villa 21) in November 1982. It released eight 7” singles and 13 LPs between 1982 and 1986. With the exception of one record (by Swiss all-girl band Vyllies, The), Creep’s releases were the best available portrait of the so-called “English-speaking” (songs with English lyrics) Greek underground scene of the time.
In the mid 90s, Creep Records resurfaced to release some of their back catalogue on CD.

CR 01     Yell-O-Yell         Shoot The Truth ?(7″, Single)        1982
CR 02     Villa 21         I See No ! / The Dream ?(7″, Single)     1982
CR 03     Headleaders         Voices ?(7″, Single)             1982
CR 04     Reporters, The (2)     Computer World ?(7″, Single)         1982
CR 05     Villa 21         Move ?(7″, Single)             1983
CR 06     Metro Decay         Σκιές / Κειμήλια ?(7″, Single)         1983
CR 07     Clown (4)         Κλόουν / Λευκά Κελλιά ?(7″, Single)     1983
CR 08     Art Of Parties         Last Time / Central Room ?(7″, Single)     1984
CREEP 01     Reporters, The (2)     Bare Hands ?(LP, Album)     1983
CREEP 02     Yell-O-Yell     FunTime ?(12″, MiniAlbum)         1983
CREEP 03     Headleaders     What It Means To Me ?(LP, Album)     1983
CREEP 04     Villa 21     A Ghost On The Move ?(LP, Album)     1983
CREEP 05     Metro Decay     Υπέρβαση (Album) < (2 versions)     1984
CREEP 06     Vyllies, The     The Vyllies ?(12″, EP)             1984
CREEP-07     Yell-O-Yell     Hello, Hell! ?(LP, Album)         1984
CREEP 08     Cpt Neφos     Silence Interrupted ?(LP, Album)     1984
CREEP 09     South Of No North (2)     Lacrimae Christi ?(LP, Album)     1984
CREEP 10     Rehearsed Dreams     Repulsion ?(LP, Album)         1985
CREEP 11     Angelo & His Egos     Egotrip ?(LP, Album)         1985
CREEP 12     Villa 21     Men Of Clay ?(LP, Album)         1985
CREEP 13     South Of No North (2)     Fell Frozen ?(LP, Album)     1986





Deathrock X Greece

With the cd format’s arrival, we’ve lost the feeling of vinyl & cassette sides. Sometimes, the singles would be the first songs in each side, and the “filler” material would usually go to the b-side of the LP. The A sides would wear out more as they were put to play again and again in dark 80s bedrooms and living rooms everywhere. Renamed the files to bring back that old feel.

Sound quality lossless afficionados, “serious” collectors & weirdos may have some objections. We gave it our best for the best outcome possible. It is what it is, be thankful or do your own version. Mp3 Gain was used to normalize volume between different uploads. You’re welcome, virtualdj’s.

The times are a-changing, 1 GB doesn’t sound as scary as in the early 2000’s and this discography was long overdue. Kudos to all great people & blogs without who, this couldn’t have been possible. Panos Geheimnis, the Psychopomp, Urban Aspirines, 10.000 eyes, Fearcondition, Mutant Sounds, AbsentFriend. A big shoutout to all record lovers out there, keep listening, keep believing.  Music, along with an open mind, can make a difference.

We don’t own a single byte of this music. We don’t profit from this in any physical way. Spread freely. Memory is the only currency that matters.



ps.torrent link to be added shortly

Institute – Demo 12” EP (2013 dXr TX)

Not much to say here, citizens. Institute from Austin are deathrock as it should be sounding in 2013. This is their demo. You can cross a straight line  btw 80’s christian death and them. I really liked the punk via Crass twist ending “Narrow & straight”. Just hope i was rich and could see them live some day

Listen to something new each day.


MP3 160Kbps

01 Putrid

02 Dead Sea

03 Bureaucrat

04 Diamonds & Pearls

05 Weak Times

06  Narrow & Straight

Rosa Lux & Signo XIII (2012 postpunk dXr)


This is the continuation of a rather short series of uploads from the past of this blog. 2 bands in a shared upload, 2 sides of a tape , 2 same differences, or you can call it as you like. These guys have2 things  in common- their origin, both coming from south america (brazil & argentina), and that they sent us their stuff to listen. I fear that my friends may worry that i m developing a spanish speaking gtoh goth band obsession, latinophilia, but if less modern european/american bands sounded like shit, that wouldn’t be the case.

Rosa Lux come off as a bit more diy-ish and punkish, deathrockian. I like their album covers, attitude [that they didn’t wait to have a finished mastered product to present but rather hurried along and sent us their work], their sound and that they’re carrying a dead world in their hearts (how goth, how spanish, me encanta!!!).

Signo XIII (treze) are more pust punkish, indie even. The vocals are clearer, the guitars crystal with barely any distortion. I hate band to band comparisons, but they remind me of a modern day the sound/chameleons hybrid. I hear they’re on their way to bigger things(3 more records out!), the brazilian scene is exploding. With tracks like the torturer, i am not surprised.


Rosa Lux – Demo (2012 Argentina, Buenos Aires)

MP3 320kbps

01 contra-himno

02 flores negras

03 peregrinacion

04 llevamos un mundo muerto en nuestros corazones

05 la antorcha

06 fuego jacobino



Signo XIII – El verdugo y la vendetta (2012 Brazil EP)

Mp3 128Kbps


02 – CLÉO





Sleep Money – Demonstrations I & II (2012 US post punk/avant garde))



Not many words here. Sleep money from phoenix-arizona is a band better experienced than described, and they were nice enough to send us a sample of their work. I consider them truly experimental and original, hence the avant-garde in their tag. They have a very specific way they want to express, and they have really paid attention to the whole package, appearance, aesthetics, tape covers, prefering alternative media (tape  format rather than cd, tumblr rather than fb) everything. To me, this is the “righteous” path, the way to walk in 2014…wherein so much art is being produced you have to be sure you are not misrepresented.  So you get to mind all the details, you care about your work and want to be listened,  not just vomit your tracks on the earth’s surface, and you’re lucky if you end up sounding like this band. [If you don’t though, you’re just another necrohipster with a mac ,an ableton and a deep ego obsession to see yourself on stage (back in your school days you were probably the  ugly duckling of your school, not even spit upon but rather ignored). So, keep in mind kids, an artist pays attention to the details!]

I truly liked the noisy/artsy/samples/narration bits between the music tracks because surely, in modern times such as ours, the ordinary 4.00 mins track platform, can’t cover all that you have to say or express. And if you just want to listen to how this band sounds, go for “carnivorous” or “minimum”. Of course, just by the sound of them, it is easy to categorize them along with the likes of the nu new political dark punk movement, anasazi, dekoder, bestial mouths and as such, but sleep money are also covering new musical grounds and are hybridizing the nowave of times past.

They say this about themselves:

we’re a 3 piece; with a drum machine, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist – our influences range from christian death, bauhaus, killing joke to chrome, and rudimentary peni. Chondritic Sound has described us as “Stunted, repetitive industrial rock in the vein of stalwarts Big Black but with a Bad Party or Revolting Cocks sense of attitude and thrusty sleaze. Like waking up from a blackout under a pillow in the back room at a Touch & Go reunion.” 
band info – 
– started in 2011
– members of this band were also in OSS, and Cielos, and most recently in Mallevs
– we have a few upcoming shows with Deafheaven, and Stoic Violence (with Gay Kiss).
MP3 192 kbps
Demonstrations I (on Tagobella)
01 __________
02 Deconstruct 1
03 Minimum
04 _________________________ 1
05 Honey 1
06 Pet Semetary (Ramones) 1
Demonstrations II (on Ascetic House)
01 ___________________________
02 White On White
03 ________________________________________
04 Replicate
05 Content
06 Carnivorous
07 Nightwalker