va – community deathrock playlist vers.8

Okay folks, here it is… 6 months after our last check-in, the members of the community/forum have been busy posting, and after some effort it has amounted to this. Only now, we’re much focused on the gems of the past as it is for whatever reason and much less nu music than last time. But -rest assured- you can tell them apart cause this time we’ve added chronological dating to nearly all the damn songs. SO this time we’re covering the time period of posting between 29.10.2012 27.09.13 ,
and pages 48-58 of the forum thread found here…
People who’ve grabbed the last versions will probably already know it’s a mixed &awkward; situtation, we’re compiling mostly obscurities from past&present; along with much deserved dancfloor fillers in over than a data CD’s worth of music-133 songs-738 Mb’s -SOOO much knowledge….Anyway, you’re probably ALREADY DEAD so here goes nothing….

 ATTENTION. Fuck American power. Fuck Russian power. Fuck British power.
Fuck all power.
ATTENTION. These ignorant shits arm themselves for annihilation and call it world peace.

Pacified. Classified.
Keep in line. You’re doing fine.
Lost your voice? There ain’t no choice.
Play the game. Silent and tame.
Be the passive observer, sit back and look
At the world they destroyed and the peace that they took.
Ask no questions, hear no lies
And you’ll be living in the comfort of a fool’s paradise.

You’re already dead, you’re already dead,
You’re already dead, you’re already dead.

If you’re the passive observer, here’s a message for you…
You’re already dead, You’re already dead.
Afraid to do what you know you should do…
You’re already dead, You’re already dead.
The world’s at the edge of nuclear destruction,
But your too afraid to make the connection.
You still believe the system’s there for your protection…
You’re already dead, You’re already dead.

You’re already dead, you’re already dead,
You’re already dead, you’re already dead.


va – Darksurf (Surf 2010)

black metal surf
trve kvlt 1960s surf music
va Darksurf compilation


Okay, so this not an official release of any kind. This blog has not as yet  supported metal of any kind and nor IT will . BUT! These are surf covers of popular black metal songs going around the internet under various vague rumours that bands such as burzum and darkthrone went around and remixed their own songs as surf. Well, that’s utter bullshit, this was an internet fad started from youtube channels of Mr Meddled and riboflavinmusic. These channels have been discontinued but the idea lives on through trve kvlt 1960s surf music and various other users (congrats guys).Here I’ve added various metal surf tracks i encountered as well, like glitter dicks cover of slayer.
Black metal riffs lend themselves surprisingly well to surf guitar, given both genres insistance on tremolo picking. In some cases it sounds like you could pretty much just slow down a black metal riff and take out the distortion for instant and eerie surf rock. It is strange and also haunting dirty surf, worth a listen, even without the metal knowledge to appreciate the covers.
I ve added the flavour texts the original user wrote as an addendum to the upload. They are very funny to afficionados of metal music and people who know who there bands are (apparently)..

So with “dark” surf being the third and last part of our summer uploads, we bid you a long good, uneventful summer! Stay tuned for infos on parties and whatnot.

Los Mortems – Mermanthropes
Satyricon – Mother’s surfing north
the beherits – the surf of nanna
The Burzums – Black Wave of Destruction
the burzums – dunkelheit
The Burzums – Ea, Lord of the Waves
the burzums – war
the darkthrones – californian hunger
the darkthrones – cromlech
the emperors – i am the surf wizards
the immortals – lifeguards
the mayhems – surfin moon
the nargoroths – abschiedsbrief des prometheus
Glitter Dick – Surfin’ with Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss)

La Escena Siniestra#1 (As seen in Raw Tape feb2013)

A1 Aerolineas Federales – Soy una Punk (1986)
A2 Las Vulpes – Me Gusta ser una Zorra(1983)
A3 Decima Victima – Detras de la Mirada (1982)
A4 Paralisis Permanente -Heroes (1983)
A5 Alaska y los Pegamoides – Horror en el hipermercado (1980)
A6 Desechables –  Baile de la Muerte(1985)
A7 Naughty Zombies – Hospital(2003)
A8 Eskorbuto – Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion (1984)
A9 Paralitikos – Amor Frenopatico(2006)
A10 Gestalt – Fantasma(2008)

B1 Quidam – Horrores (2004)
B2 La Voz De Tus Ausentes – Desde El Cielo(2009)
B3 Cromosoma 3 – Bat Love (2008)
B4 Eyeculacion Post Mortem – Requiem (2005)
B5 Metro Ketamina – Condenados Por la Sangre(2009)
B6 Los Carniceros Del Norte – Posesion Infernal (2007)
B7 Mekrokiev – The Drowning (2012)
B8 Decadent Circus – Buried Alive(2010)
B9 Crippled Ballerinas – No Vampiric Prunes(2005)
B10 Voodoo Zombie – Amor Psycho(2006)


read article in english here
or in greek in the next bats & roaches zine out on monday!

Community d X r playlist vers 7.0

Once again, we meet here. Firstly thank you all, for a great halloween party. The place couldn’t fit us all.
 This small entry here is our regular (averagely once per 6 months) dump of the community member’s choices for the dark wave, deathrock, mutant, avant-garde,goth, punk and generally relative playlist found here

[pages 40 – 48 of the forum….time period…14.05.2012 – 29.10.2012]

So, this is our concept for how radio should work. Communally. No authorities.No know-it-all’s producers. No intermediates. We got more people posting these few months, so it’s a bit over 700 mb’s of mp3’s….and mind you , in this version all songs have dates so you know what you ‘re listening to, and are in the highest quality we could find them. But i’m not making any promises for next time, maybe next time it will be all from youtubedownloader🙂 This time we’ve got a great balance going between the good old 80’s post-punk past and very very new music 2011and 12, very few of the classics and lots of new unknown bands for you hipster obscurities lovers to discover. and, keep in mind, all this is intended as suggestions, if you like the music, go buy the records, support the bands and the scene.

So, have a nice Halloween with this music to keep you company, keep posting, and treat this world as your stage- you each deserve it!

give no shits, take no orders, smash the prisons and the borders

va- community deathrock playlist v 6.0

you might have already seen this, because it was released in the forum a month ago.
these are dr x gr;s members most recent  choices for deathrock tracks (both a-new and  a-old) for the time frame1/11/2011 – 8/05/2012…. keep in touch & get involved …your posts in the deathrock playlist thread will be in the next edition of this playlist …

va – rebound playlist (dark wave)

It’s Friday midnight, and saturday is closing in rapidly. For those of you from abroad, Rebound club is a historic dark venue in Athens, basically a derelict underground bar with dirty black carpets even on the walls and a dancing stage, going on from the 80’s on a regular basis, open only on Saturdays after 00.00.
This is an unofficial “release”, again compiled by members of the forum. 700MB’s. A cd’s worth of music.
It is by no means a definite or complete collection of EVERYTHING played in athens’ oldest cult dark 80’s venue, but it is suggested as a guide of the most played tracks during the last 8-10 years of this place.
Although we do not support giving our precious money to shop/club owners, as people we sometimes took refuge there, and the music was always there to keep us company. Most of us, we’ve all had good and bad times in that place, and this is intended as a tribute to the moments lost in darkness there..And once again, down with the fixed playlists, it’s not good for the scene. Fuck consumer droids, programmed by dj’s to entertain themselves to certain tracks played in a certain order. Pogo over them till they bleed, hehe.
So, there they are, some of the most known singles & hits of the 80s’ bands played in rebound club. If you dig’em, go search for more material, pay your respect to the artists. Don’t stick to the club hits.You ll be surprised.

 never mind the floorshow, kick out the jams, ask for the least known tracks, make a dj happy.

community psychobilly playlist 5.0

our friends have been working again

this is the last edition of YOUR suggestions in the psychobilly playlist in the forum
the best psycho songs, hits & obscurities, and you dont need to search for them, in your plate!

join the forum, stop lurking, post some stuff, and your songs will be in the next edition!

Deathrock Playlist vers5.0 (deathrock download)

PAJINAS 25 -31

included in megatorrent with all playlists

These are the user’s suggestions for a communal deathrock-gothic rock-mutant- avant garde playlist…This is the latest can find past editions tagged playlists in the download section..And could participate in future, join the forum and your suggestions could be up here!

Undead 77-9 Punk Playlist D/L

The Mighty Bazooka’s undead 77 punk mp3 compilation…
protopunk , post punk and other obscure stuff!

D/L 700 Mb!!

Va-Sthn Ksulinh Epohi (Undead – Punk 77’s – playlist) Enjoy

(175 rare skonismena kommatia)

1. 4_4-all wound up-1980-USA
2. 4_4-systematic-1980-USA
3. ANARCHY – Not satisfied
4. anorexia-rapist in the park-1980-UK
5. attentat-dod bland de doda-1979-Sweden
6. attentat-ge fan i mej-1979-Sweden
7. automatics-watch her now-1978-UK
8. automatics-when the tanks roll over poland again-1978-UK
9. bags-survive-1978-USA
10. Banned – 1. Little Girl
11. blitzen-domd-1980-sweden
12. blitzen-gerilla-1980-sweden
13. Blood Sweat Tears
14. bob-thomas edison-1980-USA
15. bog ugly-disco veteran-1978-UK
16. bog ugly-ive seen it vomit-1978-UK
17. BONUS-riptides the-tomorrows tears-1979-Australia
18. Brain Saviour
19. briefs the-poor and weird-199-USA
20. briefs the-rotten love-1999-USA
21. bullets-grammar school girls-1978-UK
22. bureaucrats the-feel the pain-1980-Canada
23. bureaucrats the-grown up age-1980-Canada
24. Can I Crash Here
25. Cant Stand still
26. Carpettes – 2. Easy Way Out
27. CARPETTES-How about me and you
28. CARPETTES-Radio wunderbar
29. Cascade
30. chatterbox-forgotten heroes-1980-Sweden
31. cheap thrills-sick of you-2006-USA
32. Child Molesters – Hillside Strangler
33. childabuse-03 We Are The One
34. chronics-calling all cardinals-1978-USA
35. cinecyde-better dead-1982-USA
36. city kent-cancer-1979-Sweden
37. city x-avis-1981-Denmark
38. city x-coverboy-1981-Denmark
39. city x-only cops can-1981-Denmark
40. Civilisation
41. Compulsive Gamblers – Capone’s Finest
42. Compulsive Gamblers – Dead Waltz
43. Compulsive Gamblers – Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right
44. Compulsive Gamblers – Walking The Balustrade
45. Cortinas-Television_Families-gF
46. cracked actor-nazi school-1981-USA
47. cramp-she-dosent-love-me-1979-irealand
48. cramp-suzy-lie-down-1979-irealand
49. Crisis_07_Alienation
50. cylinders-de-freddy-mercury-1981-holland
51. daddy is my pusher
52. das schnitz-4 am-1979-UK
53. das schnitz-getting nowhere-1979-UK
54. das schnitz-my house-1979-UK
55. dday-01Too Young To Date
56. dday-02Every Time I Ask You Out
57. dean dirg-never adds up-2006-Germany
58. dean dirg-real good stereos(but no place to go)-2006-Ger
59. definitivos-mister-c-1981-belgium
60. definitivos-the-modern-dance-1981-belgium
61. disguise-hey baby-1978-UK
62. disguise-juvenile delinquent-1978-UK
63. Dress Code
64. Eat – Dr Tv
65. Eat – Kneecapin
66. Eat – Nut Cop
67. Eat – Silly Drug Songs
68. Eat -JimmieBGoode
69. english subtitles-time tunnel-1979-UK
70. etiquette mona-amsterdam-1980-Sweden
71. executives-drill press-1980-USA
72. executives-jet set-1980-USA
73. executives-resistance-1980-USA
74. fans the-giving me that look in your eyes-1979-UK
75. fans the-hell have to go-1979-UK
76. fans the-stay the night-1979-UK
77. features the-floozie of the neighborhood-1979
78. flakes the-aquired taste-2004-Sweden
79. flakes the-shes so natural-2004-Sweden
80. flakes the-straight jacket-2004-Sweden
82. FLYING SPIDERZ-I don´t wanna go
83. For Adolf’s Only
84. F-X – 1. Souths Gonna Rise Again
85. F-X – 2. O.B.E.
86. F-X – 3. Slag
87. Gang of Four – Armalite Rifle
88. Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
89. Gang of Four – Love Like Anthrax
90. gbg sound-bjorn borg-1979-Sweden
91. geza x-we need more power-1981-USA
92. gobblinz-london-1978-UK
93. helmettes-half-twee-1978-holland
94. helmettes-i-dont-care-what-the-people-say-1978-holland
95. Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler
96. Hollywood Squares – Hollywood Square
97. How Come_
98. human therapy-american dream-1983-USA
99. Hurt a Cop
100. iq 55-bara svarigheter-1979-Sweden
101. iq 55-livet ar en bluff-1979-Sweden
102. Jam – The Modern World
103. knots-action-1980-USA
104. knots-heartbreaker-1980-USA
105. Love And A Molotov Coctail
106. Madman
107. malignus-ithinkiknow
108. malignus-theonlyunknown
109. mary-monday-i-gave-my-punk-jacket-to-rickie-1977-usa
110. mary-monday-popgun-1977-usa
111. masterswitch-mass media meditation-1978-UK
112. mecano ltd-face cover face-1978-Holland
113. mecano ltd-fools-1978-Holland
114. Medium Medium – Hungry, So Angry
115. Mental Picture
116. minutemen-black_sheep
117. missiles
118. molesters-i-am-1978-holland
119. molesters-plastic-1978-holland
120. moths-driving bores me-1980-USA
121. moths-magazine look-1980-USA
122. N.Y. Niggers – Headliner
123. nasty facts-crazy about you-1981-USA
124. nasty facts-drive my car-1981-USA
125. nasty facts-get to you-1981-USA
126. no reason for your call
127. numbers the-sunset strip-1978-Australia
128. Persona Non Grata – Lacerados Hombres
129. Persona Non Grata – lroquois Boys (and Bogey Girls)
130. Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Banned From The Pubs
131. pin point-love substitute-1979-UK
132. pin point-richmond-1979-UK
133. pointed sticks-im numb-1979-Canada
134. pointed sticks-somebodies mom-1978-Canada
135. Randoms-LetsGetRidOfNewYork
136. Redskins – Kick Over The Statues!
137. red-squares-time-change-1981-usa
138. resistance
139. rhino 39-prolixin stomp-1979
140. Robot Love
141. roses-are-red-cant-understand-1979-uk
142. satans rats-facade-1977-UK
143. satans rats-in my love for you-1977-UK
144. science kills
145. screen gemz the-i just cant stand cars-1979-UK
146. sector four-jump on you-1983-USA
147. Selecter – Too Much Pressure
148. sema 4-do you know your friends-1979-UK
149. sema 4-even if i know-1979-UK
150. Simple Life
151. smart-remarks-the-marys-got-her-eye-on-me-1982-usa
152. snots-its-later-than-you-think-1977-USA
153. snots-new-york-love-letter-1977-usa
154. snots-so-long-to-the-sixties-1977-usa
155. Soft Cell – Bedsitter
156. spelling mistakes-feel so good-1980-New Zealand
157. spelling mistakes-i hate the spelling mistakes-1980-New
158. Swirls Around
159. THE CIRCLES – Opening Up
160. The Cortinas – Defiant Pose 7” – 02 – Independence
161. The Fire
162. The Merton Parkas – Face In The Crowd
163. the only ones – 02 another girl, another planet
164. The_Art_Attacks_-_Neutron_Bomb-SDR
165. The_Panics-Tie_Me_Up-gF
166. The_Riptides-Magic_Castle
167. toys the-breakdown-1980-UK
168. trials and crosses
169. victory parade
170. Viletones – Possibilities
171. Viletones – Rebel
172. Viletones – Screaming Fist
173. we’re so glad elvis is dead
174. wire-options r-1978-UK
175. zeros the-radio fun-1977-UK

The Playlists

THE PLAYLISTSthese are the communal playlists- gathered from everybody’s suggestions & posts in the drgr community forum. we don’t own the rights to any of these songs..this is intended only for reccomendation and browsing. if you like any of this music..go out and support the artists!

note: links point to different files



torrent file 4,2 gb all dr playlists till 07-11-2011 3 years worth of music suggestions