The Bone Machine – Sottoterra (2010 psychobilly IT)


Ok, let’s call it as it is. You’re not here because of the psychobilly.   What’s the last time you ever listened to a psyko record from start to finish? – That’s what I thought. It’s also been ages since we’ve featured psychobilly music in here (sori).

You’re here because of this band’s cool name. You’re right. It is the coolest. B.o.n.e. machine. A weird machine made of bones and contraptions and levers and whatnot. It is great. But i want to know what the music sounds like, one may wonder.  Well, this is one of the relatively newer bands-not from the 80s or some shit, from italy that really brings home the hope. Their lyrics are all in italian. And why shouldn’t they be? They don’t try to mimic any of the “made” bands, nor DAG, nor meteors, nor krewmen, batmobile, you name it, they don’t sound like it. They got their own “biker” sound, heavy and polyphonic that is very solid throughout the record. It’s a bit like post-cabaret, deeply rooted in blues, as if the legendary shack shakers had a punk for a frontsman and a twist for the macabre.  They sound like the band from “Dusk Till Dawn” should have sounded. Heck- the instrumental track “vendetta” could’ve made it to the ost of that movie. I also picked out “Jimmy Scavafosse”, the s/t and “sono pazzo” makes a great tribute to hasil adkins and the stardust cowboy for a closing track. They feature great aesthetics in the album covers, they perform masked, they’re everything they could be. I understand they got a newer record out, but i preferred to review this one.

01. Sottoterra

02. La Strada Dei Morti

03. Il Ritmo Selvaggio Del Peccato

04. Voglio Solo Te

05. Febbre D#8217;Amore

06. Quando Creperò

07. Il Diavolo L#8217;ha Preso

08. Mambo Del Tormento

09. Jimmy Scavafosse

10. Ninna Nanna Dell#8217;infame

11. Son Tornato Dall#8217;inferno

12. Vendetta

13. Non Chiedermi Perchè

14. Sarò Andato Gia Via

15. Sono Pazzo


The Dead Billies Discography (BRA Psychobilly 1997)

Don't Mess With



There have been at least 3 bands that play under the moniker deadbillies. It is chaos out there but mostly you can distinguish between the two most known, cause these guys use a space between the words and the other band that supports sparky, they have no spacing btw the words and ends with a -y “deadbillys”. The third band never existed but for a demo.

But here, we came to talk about the lost in tyme brazilian band. They were great. We gotta love any band that has a “vampire” track, but no, they are beyond that. They are awesome. Their singer’s got this neurotic frontman vibe that is so familiar to us from say “wall of voodoo”. Creepy lyrics and themes, memorable guitar work, reverbed spooky vocals, complex-but-still-rocking and danceable song structures. They were a musician’s psychobilly band, and for us  at least, the “don’t mess with” record is still remembered at almost every party that needs a li’l bit of twang. So, ok, they don’t use the slapping double bass sound, they lack that, but to say the least they don’t sound the same as like the rest of these mediocre psychopunk bands that seem to appear out of everywhere these days. So get a few of your pals, prepare your swim suit, burn a tape, put it on the car radio, speed up to 100 kmph in an abandoned highway road in a hot summer day and dive in!
Mosckabilly (vocal)
Morotó Slim (guitarra)
Joe Tromondo (baixo)
Rex (bateria)



Don’t Mess With – 1996

Heartfelt Sessions – 1999






the crazed – desperate psycho (2009 gr psychobilly)


These are the first recordings of the horror psychobilly band from thessaloniki. Undertagged demos, the sound quality is much more than passable, and seeing that there is no repetition of these tracks in the official records that came out later on, this is a must hear for psychos or deathrockers alike. Strong douvle bass up front , wo noisy guitars one of them distorted and awsome vocals. Duly noted, these guys organized the successful ,more than 1000 people zombie walk “absolute evil – το απολυτο κακο”  this year in their hometown- search for vids.Stay sick crazed ones

 01 Eyes of Nowhere
02 Baby Please Surrender
03 Zombie Riot
 04 Restless (Johnny Kidd cover)
05 Doomsday Rock
06 Roadburn
07 It Was The World Against Us (never had a chance)
08 Kiss Eternal Life (record live 2004)

community psychobilly playlist 5.0

our friends have been working again

this is the last edition of YOUR suggestions in the psychobilly playlist in the forum
the best psycho songs, hits & obscurities, and you dont need to search for them, in your plate!

join the forum, stop lurking, post some stuff, and your songs will be in the next edition!

The Kraneos – Dead or Alive (psychobilly Mex 2009)

This is great psychobilly, a brilliant mix of the old-school sound with the double bass up front, and the new closer-to-punk  sound…
The horror is strong with these ones….

You want better sound quality? Go buy their cd’s 🙂

Until now the band has distributed to the independent EP

“Spooky Tales From The Grave” recorded at the RedHouse studio in Mexicali,
 and they have their first album "Dead or Alive" recorded in LAM Studios,
that is out by BamBam Records."

01 before the sunrise
02 el malvado dr.acula
03 monster party
04 forget about rock
05 massacre de texas
06 the land beyond the woods
07 opressed society
08 keep fucking the world
09 vampira
10 claustrophobic love
11 red moon
12 – You’ll Die By Tomorrow
13 – Plan 9
Dead Girl
Run Rudolph Run (from va – psychobilly christmas – 2008)

Zombie Dance Fridays

Dark βραδυες καθε παρασκευη στο στεκι της καλλιδρομιου, χωρις εισόδους, ακριβα ποτα, μαγαζοτορες και ιδιοκτητες, μουσικες που πρεπει και μουσικες που “δεν επιτρεπεται” να παιξουν, οπως πρεπει να ειναι…

Η drgr σας προ(σ)καλει να συμμετασχετε σ’ αυτες τις βραδιες ,όπως και όσο θελετε (πχ να παιξουμε μουσικη)- Καλλιδρομιου 94 μετα τις 23.00.

Deathrock – Darkwave – New Wave – Mutant Sounds – Post – Punk – Psychobilly

Μετα τις 23:00
Stay ghoul!

Επικοινωνια με την κοινοτητα του death rock greece.

Dark nights each friday @Kallidromiou entrance fees, no expensive drinks, no shop owners &bosses;, just the way it’s supposed to be…

DrGr invites you to be a part of these nights,as much and each way you choose to (eg. behind the decks)- Kallidromiou st94, after 23.00

Deathrock – Darkwave – New Wave – Mutant Sounds – Post – Punk – Psychobilly

Stay ghoul!
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Συγεκριμενα αυτην την Παρασκευη dj set danaimoi & jinsoda

dildos – demo 2007 (JAP psychobilly)

japanese psychobilly

In 2007, they released a split ep (psycho maniax) with battle of ninjamanz, another japanese psychobilly band. Now let me tell you about japanese psychobilly. If you haven’t heard already, the japs are taking the genre one step further, it is a speedfreak fest-not always good i admit- and most of the bands also give a lot of emphasis on stage presence.. Well, the DILDOS take all this just one more step beyond.. A psycho theatre on stage, they wear dresses, costumes, clown noses (sound KLINGONZ-y? well it is) and whatever lunacy  (check the youtube vids) and their sound is also quite different.. Inheriting some strong post-punk vibes, the bass is always in the front, with the literally psycho vocals..just listen to awakening vibrate, a soon to be classic track in the psycho playlists…The dildos make the cut , amongst the rest of the jap psycho-punkabilly bands… stick with them..


Inside the download are the 2 songs of the split ep, 2 songs from the demo, and one song from Plan X from the Far East (2010)

Stay sick guys, and remember, wherever you are going, there you are…