Kalashnikov discography (IT punk 2000-2015)

kalashnikov1Hey citizens, it’s this time of the year again. The going away for summer time without any posts, and i decided to leave you with a gift.
This has been quite a long coming since I ‘ve been listening to them a lot lately. Not deathrock straightforward, but gloomy punk certainly. This is the group of people that coined the “romantic punx” term anyway. Changed my mind a few times whether i should upload this or that album of theirs, what is my favorite period of them, and ended up settling at getting a full discography out there, because it’s not easily available in other blogs (in just a few easy clicks anyway). It was an easy task since the milanese band collective have all their stuff available in the bandcamp or official site. GO read the manifesto dammit, it is not just a music thing or an aesthetic band. I wish i knew more italian to be able to get the lyrics better.


Support the god damn band dammit, and for god’s sake, bring’em to Athens again.

Wait, I’m supposed to go through all that, now? Awkward, unrelated, personal stuff below.

For what seems like a long time now in my eyes, the local greek punk scene has been very inward, obsessed with doom, misery and general chaos.
There is something uncomfortable in the air. There is a faint feeling, a vague thought, something we all seem to suspect in our heads, but it’s never being discussed about. It is a fear we all seem to share, too deep to be put in words. It is a fear that music does NOT MATTER any more. That it has stopped shaping our lives, we have stopped living IN and through music, but it has rather become one more of our commodities. Another discussion item to prove how hip we are. Postmodern nonsensical lyrics, or repetitive endless experimentation, triangles and for no apparent reason-minimalist linear covers everywhere, maybe people just stopped expressing their fears and hopes, stopped singing about how they’re imagining the new world, the one we’re supposed to be building and decided to bottle everything up.

So much of our reality is bleak and hopeless. So many spent days staring at walls’ corners and screens, suffering bitter jobs. And perhaps as a direct result, so much of our punk is doomed, heavy and unbearable sounding, offering no hope whatsoever. Things in punk have taken a turn to the crust-d-beat-stoner side of things. As if nothing has any meaning any more. Just speed ridden distorted guitars and drums, endless amounts of beer gurgling because what else is there to do, violent pogoing against others not with others and just destruction toward all directions. As if we have already lost. Totally disconnected from the 77 roots, you can no longer make out any melodies or catch a lyric, chaotic accelerating rhythms totally disconnected from any eventual meaning or release. Everybody wants to be on a stage, and guess what, you now have the social media to convince you the rest of the world is your audience, and your badly rehearsed songs are ready to be put out there,and as long as they get a few likes, your laziness is justified.

Perhaps we have been in the circles of music too long. It is the air which we breathe, our passion, a center around all our expression is based. We’ve long been stuck in a rut IN this or that specific subcultures, cruising scenes, learning trivia, listening to this or that side-project f the bassist of…,comparing stretching bodymods or bat shaped accessories instead of looking out to the world, offering alternatives to our miserable day-to-day routines, answering tough questions about what steps must be made to create a new better one. And it is all too important to leave behind, too precious to categorize as just more of our comforts, our luxuries. Music is not something on the sides of our lives, it doesn’t play on a stereo somewhere while we do our jobs, our other stuff. Rather, it IS the stuff we do, while we work our day jobs to support our music addiction. Much of our time has been spent avoiding the tough questions, rather than answering them. What steps we should make to change ourselves to be ready for a new world? Do we have skills required to survive without THEM? Well, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to the hardcore zines lately. But we simply cannot abide any more passable singles. catchy riffs and forgettable EP’s, music to just make another year go by, the 2015 new album of this or that artist, we cant afford just another conversation item to go by. Music is supposed to be able to change things, to be how we live our lives. This is the case with kalashnikov.

I believe this band is offering the world not the answers, but the first steps of beginning the discussion of what we should do, and how we should proceed to change some of the wrong stuff. Not the solution to the problems but rather their point of view, and the words, the language to start talking about what has been going on.. They record not as a commodity, but because they want what they have to say to get out there. Of course, this band is very political.
Each songs lives in its own world, and it wants to drag you into it, sometimes from the hair if necessary. They play good, female vocal driven, synth-y, melodic romantic punk. If unsure where to start first, listen to 2009’s ” Living in a psycho-caos era” and if you like it, proceed with their debut.
“Kalashnikov were born in 1996 on the dirty floor of a squat in Milano, Italy, to give vent to the adolescent restlessness of three punx. Under the drunkenness of the heavenly libertarian nectar and rejecting the ruling culture, Kalashnikov are created with the wish to put together their own utopias and passion…”
Get the kalashnikov discography below.

Kalashnikov discography 2000-2015 mediafire

Kalashnikov discography uloz.to

ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΣΥΡΡΑΞΗ – demo (2014 punk gr)


“Η Αστική Σύρραξη είναι μια μπάντα από τη Πάτρα που κινείται μουσικά στο χώρο του punk-metal. Ιδρύθηκε το 2013.”
“λεγόμαστε Αστική Σύρραξη και βγάλαμε ένα δισκάκι με 4 κομμάτια. Είναι Πάνκο-Ροκ φάση και
Δεν έχει πνευματικά δικαιώματα / αντίτιμο / εμπορικό σκοπό κουτουλού κουτουλού”
Συνηθως δεν ανεβαζουμε απο εδω τοσο βρωμικες πανκιες ή d-beatια. Συνηθως οι μπαντες δε θελουν κ να ακουγονται οι στιχοι ή η μουσικη τους, προτιμανε να πινουν μπυρες κ να κανουν σαματά. Αυτοι οι πατρινοι ομως εχουν καθαρα φωνητικα κ καλη ηχογραφηση, κ μαλλον τους ενδιαφερει αυτο που εχουν να πουν να βγει προς τα εξω, οποτε μεχρι να τους πετυχετε σε καποιο λαιβ, κατεβαστε.



Dystopian Society/ Tanzkommando Untergang (2011 dark punk IT/GER)


Ok, it’s true, we haven’t been too busy since we last brought the dystopian scoiety guys over, nearly a year and some such days ago.  We’ve also owed you guys a relative upload, so this is the” cages” LP, along with their friends’ tanzkommando untergang demo, dating back to 2011. A double tape/upload like the old days!

Cages is a great modern concept/ 80’s sounding deathrock album. It twists and turns , while keeping you firmly in its gloomy, sinister punk grasp. The guitar work is over 9000, and there are both male & female vocals. Better people than me have reviewed this album, i just suggest you give it a listen, it rewards you. I listen to them when i stay at home, realizing that there is nothing out there worth to go out to, when my mood is shit and the world has thoroughly disappointed me with what it ended up to be. They keep me company. Also when i want to dance & smash stuff. (People with a budget, go see them play at unpleasant meeting, 9 may @ paris. This festival is too crazy!)



Tanzkommando Untergang are better experienced live. A true punk band, fem vox and really speedy (if they had drops and pauses they could be resembling to belgrado, but it’s much more amebix than action pact). The gloominess factor is here but not overwhelming, the demo is not mastered so it’s very raw. The band is very much in the squat/diy german scene, and i hope they keep playing and give us a great sounding finished  LP sometime. +++ gotta love the cowbell! A great b-side for a tape combo you could play before going out to a kalashnikov*or insert favorite diy band here*  live set…

It’s not the fires we start they should be worrying about, but the fires burning within us…

MP3 320Kbps

Dystopian Society – Cages (2011)

01 Echoes Of Disaster

02 Last Crusade

03 No Hope

04 Antisocial

05 The Legacy Of Wars

06 Death Signals

07 Dystopian Society

08 Heretic

09 The City With No Name

10 Masquerade

11 The Spiral

12 Time Has Come

Tanzkommando Untergang – Demo (2011)

01 1943 (Ghetto)

02 The Walk

03 Dr Guillotine

04 Pictures From The Past

05 Broken Mirror

06 Let Rome Burn

07 Pogo Disaster






Generacion Suicida – Con La Muerte a Tu Lado (2013 Us punk)

Generacion Suicida - Con La Muerte a Tu Lado - cover

Before you are quick to judge this is not one of THOSE spanish deathrock ups. These are cool dudes from Los Angeles that chose to sing in spanish. Genre?  It plays out as if we ‘re back in ’77 and they are playing only in the minor chords.  So, the name of the game is romantic punk, much like our favored italian neighbors kalashnikov (why havent we hosted some of their work here?????).  To my ears Ya no Hay KE hablar (no need to talk any more) stands out as the single… This is their first LP- they also have a demo and an EP out, so your work is there laid out in front of you.  Catchy, fast, melancholic, it is music to listen to before you go out, or music to fall in love with, or from a lousy speaker connected to a cellphone, while standing next to a wall with your leather jacket on, somewhere outdoors with quite a few of those cervezas inside you. It is what we’ ll be listening as we are destroying the last bits of civilization.

MP3 320kbps

01 Dices

02 Juventud

03 Ya No Hay Ke Hablar

04 Los Pobres, Ladrones, Y Muertos

05 Reflejos

06 El Centro

07 Todo Destruido

08 Aburrimiento

09 Frakasos

10 Metralleta

11 Mil Amores


Go give them a dollar or two in their bandcamp… and perhaps we’ll be lucky if some balls-y diy team brings them to play.


Atzinavoto Fegi – Gia Ti Diastrofi Sto Punk (2014 gr queerpunk)



Atzinavoto fegi- or in gay slang: gender unspecified. This band is perhaps singlehandedly responsibly for me being happy to be living in 2014. This is the first solid queer punk band from our little corner in the world. And oh how well they move their strings. It is raw, but also very carefully structured and versed. Their origins is the politic anarchist scene but this doesnt come off in any way as preaching, show-off-y or elitistic. I guess to really understand the band one has to speak the greek language, so this post will be in greek as well. The EP comes in a beautiful mini cdr package, and the inlet artworks are beautiful diy collage, with the lyrics and on. Their topics range from oppression in the family, gay Alexander The Great (ooh! taboo!), antifascism, anti-military and sex sex sex. I’ d like to still be 15, go to school but in saturdays wear my lipstick on and go peace pogo in their sets when they play live. Support this band or be a sexist prick, your choice.

Η μπάντα που με κάνει να είμαι χαρούμενος να είμαι ζωντανός στο 2014. Η πρώτη αμιγώς queer punk ελληνική μπαντα (ορίστε πάλι με τις ταμπέλες). Ωμοί, στο πρώτο άκουσμα σχεδόν κατσαπανκ, αλλά είναι πολύ προσεγμενη η δουλειά τους,  τις επόμενες φορες που θα τους δωσεις σημασία- οι στίχοι μαθαίνονται απέξω σχεδόν αυτόματα! Θα’θελα να ειμαι 15, να πηγαίνω ακόμα σχολείο αλλά σάββατα  να φοράω το κραγιον μου και να πηγαινω να πλακωνομαι στα λαιβ τους! Προέρχονται από το “χώρο” αλλά χωρις να είναι ψηλομύτες, ελιτιστές ή να προσπαθούν να κηρύξουν. Πανέμορφο mini-cd με χειροποίητη δουλεια ένθετο κολλάζ με τους στίχους. Για τη διαστροφή στο πανκ, πόσο καλύτερα μπορείς να το θέσεις? Σκατά σε ένα ανδροκρατούμενο με πολύ συγκεκριμένους κανόνες και νόρμες συμπεριφορών μουσικό ιδίωμα.  Με τα δικά τους λόγια:

“Η έκφραση ατζινάβωτο φέγι είναι καλιαρντά που σημαίνει απροσδιόριστο φύλο. Ξεκινήσαμε τη μπάντα επειδή θέλαμε να μιλήσουμε ως ομοφυλόφιλοι-ες, ως πανξ, ως γυναίκες, ως εργάτες και εργάτριες, ως αντιφασίστες-τριες, ως ατζινάβωτοι-ες. Γουστάρουμε πανκ. Θέλουμε να κάνουμε κομμάτια που μας πορώνουνε, που μιλάνε για τις ζωές μας και που εκφράζουν και άλλα άτομα σ’ αυτόν τον κόσμο. Προσπαθούμε να συμβάλλουμε στο να εξαπλωθεί η διαστροφή και στο να καταργηθούνε οι έμφυλοι ρόλοι κάπου, κάπως, κάποτε, όποτε. Ας γίνουμε όλοι-ες ορατές-οι, ας βάλουμε το λιθαράκι μας για τη διάβρωση και την καταστροφή αυτού του σάπιου, αποκτηνωτικού συστήματος. Για τον ερχομό ενός καλύτερου κόσμου οι μάχες πρέπει να δοθούν σε πολλά μέτωπα.”

ΜP3 320 Kbps

01. Αντιφασιστικά ξενύχτια

02. Ο τζον

03. Παιδί και γονείς

04. Μακεδονία κουνιστή

05. Τράβα εσύ μπρος

06. Μόνον γυναίκες

07. Ομόνοια 80

Το upload κλαπηκε εξολοκλήρου από diymusic.org!!!!



raw tape #3 ” Dark Punk in Greece of 80’s”

dark punk in greece of 80's
dark punk in greece of 80’s

To απαραίτητο μουσικό συμλήρωμα για τη στηλη raw tape από το ζειν νυχτερίδες & κατσαρίδες #3… Η στηλη αυτη τη φορά επικεντρωνεται στα εγχωρια 80ς ακουσματα, πληροφοριες κ φωτο για τις μπαντες.Το ζειν κυκλοφορεί την επόμενη εβδομάδα.



Α1. Αδιέξοδο-Soundtrack για οδομαχίες

Α2. Αδιέξοδο-Απάθεια

Α3. Μάβρα Ιδανικά-Σάπιος ανδρισμός

Α4. Μάβρα Ιδανικά-Μάβρα ιδανικά

Α5. Ninelives-Sick star

Α6. Ninelives-Teenage party

Α7. Αντίσταση ’84-Κάτι που τρελαίνει

Α8. Αντίσταση ’84-Πίσω από την ηρεμία

Α9. R.R. Hearse-Loneliness

Α10. R.R. Hearse-Endlessleep

Α11. Ausschwitss-Απειλή

Α12. Ausschwitss-Auschwitz


B1. Κουμπότρυπες Α.Ε.-Καινούρια Επανάσταση

Β2. Κουμπότρυπες Α.Ε.-Ανοικτός λογαριασμός

Β3. No More Dreams-I wish (the Mob cover)

Β4. No More dreams-Mind mirror

Β5. Παρθενογένεσις-Feeling

Β6. Παρθενογένεσις-The House of the rising Sun




Τα Στουκας (Gr Punk 2007, 2010)




Τα στούκας παιζουν από το 2005 και μετά. Αυθόρμητο 80-89′ punk-μια μουσικη ταμπελα για να καταλαβαινομαστε, οχι για να τους τσουβαλιασω- ευτυχως ανεπηρεαστο απο τα dbeat και grind παραστρατηματα που δερνουν τη σκηνη τα τελευταια 8-9 χρονια. Ελληνικος προσβασιμος στιχος, μαχιμες διασκεδαστικες συναυλιες *επαιξαν και στο φεστιβαλ της ντεθροκ bats over athens* και χωρις το τουπε και τη μυτη ψηλα που ερχεται με τη μακροχρονια παρουσια σ’ένα μουσικο χωρο. Τα cd -ντεμο τους (τα λεμε ντεμο γιατι ηχογραφηθηκαν στο υπογειο του ντραμερ , δεν έχουν τα μαστεριγκ κλπ φρου φρου, αλλά το σωστο να λεγεται, με τα diy μέσα του 2010 κ μετά οι ποιοτητα στο diy είναι κατα πολυ ανώτερη απο τα ανεπισημα rls των 80ς, ακουγονται κανονικοτατα εννοώ)    διανεμονται απο δω κι απο κει χωρις ή με ελαχιστο αντιτιμο. Κατεβαστε τα , ακουστε τα κ αγοραστε τα για να στηριξουμε τα παιδια να βγαλουν κι αλλα. Το κοντινοτερο ελληνικο ακουσμα στα αγαπημενα στρες, εκτος ελεγχου, πισσα κλπ του παρελθοντος.



adraneia front


2010 30 χρονια αδρανεια

1. Ζωή στις μηχανές
2. Δε γαμιέστε
3. Η πτώση
4. Τα σκυλιά της Λύσσας
5. Αδέσποτοι στη πόλη
6.  5,10,15
7. Η σκλαβιά
8. Όλοι νεκροί
9. Παραφλού
10. Άλλη μια μέρα νεκρός



mantres front


2007 μαντρες για να γινουν αντρες

1. Τα στούκας
2. Άλλη μια μέρα νεκρός
3. Υπερκατανάλωση
4. Σήμερα θα κάνει φυλακή
5. Τα παιδιά της Δύσης
6. Εγκεφαλικός ιός
7. Άλλη μια χαμένη γενιά
8. Γαλανόλευκη ριτίδα
9. Game over
10. Βουτηγμένοι στη βλεννόρροια



Mourning Noise – Death Trip Delivery (1981-1985) Horrorpunk USA

reblog from obscuro!

This is an eery MISFITS clone band from the SAME TOWN (Lodi, NJ) as the Misfits, and not only that, but from the SAME STREET and the SAME ERA.

A big complaint of Misfits fans is obviously that once Danzig left, the music fell way off….and since only recently are the guys all becoming friends again, it’s not likely that we’ll hear the OG Misfits put out something new for quite a bit of time. Sooo, in the meantime, you can listen to this band’s anthology release, which is basically a lost Misfits album from the 80’s. It has the same style, production, everything. If anything, it’s a little tighter musically than the original Misfits. Shit, apparently Danzig even drew their record cover! Plus they’re covering runaway in a ramones reminding way,how cool is that…

1. Nestle Baby Killer
2. Death in a White Cloud
3. Crimson Carrie
4. Mr. Surveillance
5. Progress for the People
6. Monster Madness
7. Murder Machine
8. Empty Grave
9. Monster Madness
10. Vincent’s Theme
11. Underground Zero
12. Barbarian Hunt
13. Dawn of the Dead
14. Fighting Chance
15. Laser Lights
16. My Demon Eyes
17. Addiction
18. Monster Madness
19. Vincent’s Theme
20. Underground Zero
21. Foolish Grief
22. Progress for the People (Live)
23. Fighting Chance (Live)
24. Vincent’s Theme (Live)
25. Laser Lights (Live)
26. Sergio (Live)
27. Addiction (Live)
28. My Demon Eyes (Live)
29. Radical (Live)
30. Crimson Carrie (Live)
31. Dawn of the Dead (Live)
31.?? Runaway
32. Monster Madness (Live)
32.?? Runaway (Instrumental)



cemetery & blue cross (2011 dark punk/DR USA)

Now this is important. Pay attention because this is the newest “wave” of deathrock from the other side of the atlantic.. Just two representatives from a whole bunch of bands (alaric, cross stitched eyes, bestial mouths,belicose minds, arctic flowers, lost tribe,dystopian society…) this is a new sound- maybe a new revival, very diffeent from the cinema strange revival of the 00’s…these guys don’t bring on this elf- ish, falsetto vocal quality or the many riff switches in one track of  CS… The new (not nu hehehe ) d x r escena is closer to punk than ever – many of these bands are side projects of anarkopunk bands originally-  and they give a dark brooding desperate thing to it. I”d suggest listening to the cemetery demo first to understand this. So back to basics, guitar bass & drums, with the expert lo fi feel that characterises so many bands from the 10’s- technology gave us the tools to work from home and we ‘re doing it to the maximum.
So give it a listen, support these bands if you like them, and keep in touch, i think there will be more uploads from this new dr american scene.

Blue Cross
Mass Hysteria (2011)   128 kbps
01 – blue cross – bring out your dead
02 – blue cross – calling combatants
03 – blue cross – time to die
04 – blue cross – disconnect
05 – blue cross – end up alone
06 – blue cross – mass hysteria
07 – blue cross – headstone
08 – blue cross – punishment

Cemetery DEMO 2011 192 kbps

01 Reptile Walk
02 Cask
03 Voices In The Ceiling
04 State Ward
05 Grave Dance
06 Voices In The Walls


Part 1 & 1919 (Dark Punk UK 1980s)

It’s hard to find words to describe the music of your favorite bands. You feel like you ”ll do them injustice somehow…Anyway, these are two of the most known dark punk & anarko from the 80’s. Well known i say…the truth is that outside Greece they are known, but greek punks seem to ignore their presence.Tracks have been inlcuded in the “return of the batcave” compilations, and you can find enough complete discographies in the blogosphere, but it cannot hurt to add these two along with the other deathrοck uploads here, they ll do each other great company.

Part 1 are very much like rudimentari peni, their singers were close pals as it seems, and their sound is just a little bit darker and slower. The themes remain pretty much the same, anti church, hp lovecraft-ian and horror. 1919 are again raw, more like ausgang so faster than part 1, they’ ve practiced their bass postpunk riffs better, and are even more desperate…
Very much like our old mixtapes, these bands always go side by side for us, so we put them together.

Part 1 1985 Pictures Of Pain (320kbps Wma)
01 – Possessed
02 – Black Mass
03 – Pictures Of Pain
04 – The Corpse
05 – Incest
06 – Ghost
07 – Hymn

1919 The Complete Collection (256kbps VBR)
02-after the fall
04-tear down these walls
07-the hunted
08-the scream
10-the ritual
12-cry wolf
15-earth song
16-can this be real
17-midas touch
18-giant (original version)